December 6, 2016 | News Release Review

Release on psilocybin for treating depression in cancer patients strong on financial disclosures and cautions

More specifics on the degree of reduced anxiety and depression as well as a description of side effects would have been useful.

3 Star

Single Dose of Hallucinogenic Drug Psilocybin Relieves Anxiety and Depression in Patients with Advanced Cancer

December 5, 2016 | Story Review

LA Times strikes the right balance by reporting evenly on both harms and benefits of ‘magic mushrooms’ for cancer patients

The story discusses the potential benefits in depth, which is good, but fails to quantify those benefits, which was a weak point.

4 Star

Ingredient in magic mushrooms is shown to ease anxiety and depression in cancer patients in one dose

December 5, 2016 | News Release Review

Psilocybin for treating depression in cancer patients: Informative 5-star release from Johns Hopkins

This release is very thorough in addressing benefits, potential side effects and study design in a meaningful way.

5 Star

Hallucinogenic Drug Psilocybin Eases Existential Anxiety in People with Life-Threatening Cancer

December 2, 2016 | Story Review

STAT’s roundup of allergy treatment research needed discussion of costs

Parents curious about these forthcoming treatments are likely already wondering if they’ll be affordable, but the story skirts any discussion of pricing.

4 Star

Allergy treatments enter a new era — with a focus on stopping reactions before they start


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