October 3, 2015 | News Release Review

More context would be helpful on kidney cancer “breakthrough”

Although it has some notable strengths, this release misses some details that would help readers understand the risk/benefit tradeoff involved with this “Breakthrough Therapy.”

3 Star

Breakthrough study demonstrates survival advantage with immune checkpoint inhibitor for advanced kidney cancer patients

October 2, 2015 | Story Review

US News story confused about difference between rats and people

This story, based entirely on a news release, suggests that the findings from a rat study are directly applicable to people. Our reviewers disagree.

1 Star

Health Buzz: Dried Plums May Reduce Colon Cancer Risk The sweet snack can affect gut bacteria, researchers say.

October 1, 2015 | News Release Review

Release on “groundbreaking” pre-school heart health study underwhelms on outcomes

This news release is about a study that produced very modest changes in children’s body fat levels and knowledge about healthy living. The release goes too far in describing the impact of these changes.

3 Star

Early intervention improves preschoolers' heart healthy habits

October 1, 2015 | Story Review 1

Home birth vs. hospital: Strong WSJ evaluation of new UK guidelines

Our main suggestion for this otherwise strong story is to quantify the difference in risk seen between hospital and home births.

4 Star

New Support for Home Births U.K. board NICE, in a surprise, rules having a baby at home is safer than a hospital in some low-risk pregnancies


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