September 23, 2016 | Story Review

New radiation guidelines for breast cancer: There’s ‘enough’ evidence, HealthDay story states, skirting specifics

The story also needed a discussion around costs of radiation therapy, which can be pricey.

4 Star

More Breast Cancer Patients Should Consider Radiation, New Guidelines Say

September 23, 2016 | Story Review

TIME’s story on infants and food allergy risks overstates research findings

Both the story’s headline and overall brevity make the evidence sound much stronger than what was reported in the evidence review.

2 Star

Babies Should Eat Eggs and Peanuts Early to Avoid Food Allergies

September 22, 2016 | News Release Review

Even when a release is touting a new dosing formula of an old drug, readers still need evidence

Lomaira is a new generic formulation of an old weight loss drug but it still needs to be backed by evidence — something not provided in this release.

3 Star

KVK Tech Announces FDA-Approval of Lomaira™ (phentermine hydrochloride USP) 8 mg tablets, CIV, A Low-Cost, Low-Dose Phentermine That Can Be Used Up To Three Times Daily for Weight Reduction

September 21, 2016 | News Release Review

Bayer’s PR release on newly approved IUD for birth control omits costs, novelty

This release is good on transparency but more data on costs and its comparative advantages (effectiveness and rate of side effects) over existing intrauterine birth control devices would have made it stronger.

4 Star

FDA Approves Bayer's Kyleena™ (Levonorgestrel-Releasing Intrauterine System) 19.5 mg for Prevention of Pregnancy for up to Five Years


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