October 26, 2016 | Story Review

CBS’s look at a preliminary trial using gene therapy needed more on downsides and unknowns

The story leans on one family’s¬†experience to suggest that the experimental therapy is effective, when in fact the small trial has yet to be fully analyzed, published and peer reviewed.

2 Star

Fighting genetic disease with help from HIV virus

October 26, 2016 | News Release Review

PR release on toothpaste that supports ‘reductions in heart attacks and strokes’ vastly oversells

The university’s release plays up potential, but unproven benefits, while ignoring serious weaknesses in the research.

1 Star

Toothpaste significantly reduces dental plaque and inflammation throughout the body

October 25, 2016 | Story Review

PulsePoint app for cardiac arrest: AP story left us with more questions than answers

What research was conducted to show this app is beneficial? And how solid was that research?

4 Star


October 25, 2016 | News Release Review

Where’s the nut? Release on cocoa flavanols for cardiovascular health skips quantification

This overview of a study, that was itself an overview, lacks details that would allow readers to know whether another chocolate-focused story was warranted.

3 Star

Cocoa compound linked to some cardiovascular biomarker improvements


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