February 8, 2016 | News Release Review

Release hits the right notes on study comparing two antiseptics used in C-sections

This news release comparing antiseptics to prevent post-cesarean section infection covers nearly all the bases. Well done.

5 Star

To Prevent Infection After C-Section, Chlorhexidine Better Than Iodine

February 7, 2016 | Story Review

Excellent sourcing, but questionable anecdotes, for WSJ piece on same-day hip replacement

Despite many expert opinions and patient voices in this story, we were left wanting more from the coverage.

2 Star

Same-Day Hip Replacement

February 5, 2016 | News Release Review

Chocolate for preeclampsia prevention? Medical society hints at benefits even though study reports the opposite

This release hypes an inconclusive study and in the process will mislead some readers into thinking that chocolate helps reduce the risk of preeclampsia during pregnancy. A rare 0-star review.

0 Star

The benefits of chocolate during pregnancy

February 5, 2016 | Story Review

Transferring Mom’s bacteria to C-section babies — but what if the bugs aren’t all friendly?

Generally solid coverage that was too quick to declare this procedure “safe” based on experience with only four babies.

5 Star

Bacteria From Mother May Colonize Cesarean Births


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