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Why would a local TV station even do this story? A local entrepeneur makes claims about a chewing gum to improve male sexual function.

Why would WTVJ in Miami devote time to this?

Because it’s about sex.

It’s an easy story.

And what pick up! The same story has now been picked up by the South Florida Sun Sentinel, KING-TV in Seattle, and many other news organizations across the country.

The entrepeneur couldn’t buy the kind of free advertising these “news” stories have just given him.

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Barbara Glickstein posted on January 29, 2010 at 9:06 am

I was going to retweet your post re this this but stopped myself. Dont’ want to add to the madness and (yikes!) create a social media campaign for them. I would be adding to their viral (and sick) campaign. I stopped by here to share this.
Barbara Glickstein