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Well, the NBC Today Show’s “Inside the O.R.” series this week has certainly generated blogger criticism. Earlier we posted Larry Husten’s scathing review of the segment on atrial fib ablation. Now Amy Romano on the
Science & Sensibility blog has written about her concerns about the live cesarean section delivery that was part of the series.

NBC execs will probably write off this criticism as coming from a bunch of nobodys – myself included in that bunch of nobodys – but perhaps the suits should pay some attention to the wisdom of the crowds on such matters.


Amy Romano posted on February 5, 2010 at 7:14 am

Thanks for the link. In a strange way, it made me feel like a “somebody” to be called a “nobody” on your blog!
There’s plenty of media mishandling (and nonhandling) of maternity care research, so I hope we’ll see it continue to be highlighted on Health News Review.