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Another excellent piece by John Fauber of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, “Drug that could stop stroke isn’t always used.” This story also includes good graphics and reminders for readers on warning signs of a stroke, how to be prepared for a stroke emergency and what to do in such an emergency.

And, in that newspaper’s partnership with, a version of the story appears on that site as well under the headline, “Do Certified Stroke Centers Deliver Speedy Treatment?


c3 posted on July 28, 2010 at 5:56 pm

Given the modest benefit (based on what I’ve read) this may not be a terrible tragedy. This probably happens because:
1) the window for treatment is 3 hours from onset of symptoms. I assume a lot of stroke patients delay coming in
2)With the single biggest complication of tPA being intracranial hemorrhage. I suspect there’s a persistent reluctance (even when all the dots are aligned) to give a therapy that may WORSEN the symptoms.