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Interesting piece by Elizabeth Cooney in the Boston Globe, “TMI! – Too much information? Chat rooms, infomercials, tweeting: Young women face new challenges in search for solid answers about their health.”

Interesting sidebar:

Top 10 questions from young women

Dr. Hope Ricciotti, gynecologist-obstetrician, says these are among the most frequent queries she gets from her youngest patients:

1. How can I get rid of PMS?
2. Does what I eat really make any difference?
3. I’m thin, so I don’t have to exercise, right?
4. Do I have to exercise?
5. How can I have better sex?
6. Do I really have to tell you everything?
7. Can a Pap test detect sexually transmitted infections?
8. Can my underwire bra cause breast cancer?
9. Is a manicure good or bad for my health?
10. What does that vaginal discharge mean?

The story quotes one young woman with an interesting perspective: “I usually go to the Internet, but it can be troublesome. I make sure I look at the credentials of whatever I’m looking at. On WebMD, it can be nerve-wracking when you list several symptoms and it may make you seem like you have a bigger problem than you actually do.”

And the story lists resources for young men as well.

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