Health News Review

A “Nature’s Medicine Cabinet” video – courtesy of Fox News, was posted on the Wall Street Journal’s website last week.

The one-minute clip flew by – but packed with a boatload of misinformation. Excerpts:

• “Coffee helps reduce the risk of Parkinson’s Disease.”

• “It radically reduces the risk of colon and rectal cancer”

Those responsible should be required to wake up every morning for a year, be deprived of coffee, and ordered to write 100 times each morning, “Association does not equal causation.”

But here’s how the segment ended:

“Decaf drinkers have a higher of rate of suicide! So watch out for that decaf, folks. Coffee: it’s now an official health food!”

Who’s the editor in charge of this stuff?


Walter Lipman posted on February 14, 2011 at 8:07 pm

The answer is hidden in plain sight. The Wall Street Journal has traditionally been a publication of good reporting and a troglodyte editorial page. Then, Rupert Murdoch bought the thing.
Now the laughable nonsense broadcast by the Faux Snooze Nyetwork is simply repackaged and tossed–”unencumbered by the thought process”(thank you, Click and Clack!)–onto the website. The only question in my mind is how to term this mindset: is it awful, or is it offal?