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News reported from the American Urological Association conference on the Prostate Cancer Intervention versus Observation Study – or PIVOT study. Excerpt:

“What makes the PIVOT study so important is that it is the first randomized trial in the United States to look at radical prostatectomy versus “watchful waiting.”

…(Dr. Tim Wilt of the Minneapolis VA medical center concluded) from the data that compared to observation, radical prostatectomy produced:
“reductions in all-cause and prostate cancer mortality that were not significant and less than 3% in absolute terms over 12 years.”

He added that:

“Surgery did not reduce mortality more than observation in men with low PSA or low risk from Prostate Cancer”

However, these “results suggest a benefit from surgery in men with higher PSA or higher risk of disease.”

ADDENDUM on May 18:

I was not at the AUA conference where this presentation was made. But someone who was in the room wrote me:

“I am in Washington at the AUA and you could feel the vacuum in the room when Dr. Wilt presented the data yesterday. In a room filled with urological surgeons, a pall descended.”

ADDENDUM on May 20:

Here’s the webcast of Dr. Wilt’s presentattion to the AUA conference.