Health News Review

Christopher Fleming of Health Affairs hosts and posts this week’s Health Wonk Review, including my article, “The doctor decided I’d have a PSA test without consulting me.

Other headings in this week’s roundup:

• Several other articles on prostate cancer screening and the US Preventive Services Task Force’s draft recommendations
• Costs and Premiums
• The GOP Reform Approach
• Exporting the US Health System
• Medical Liability Realities and Myths
• Covering Health 2.0
• Maternity Care Coverage
• Explanation of Benefits
• Patients and Quality Information
• Who Should Be Called “Doctor”?
• Why Health Care Disparities Exist
• Colorado’s Insurance Exchange Debate
• Mobile Phone Apps and Patient Behavior
• Ambivalence About Health Care Spending
• Predictive Modeling
• Transparency and Generic Drugs
• Involving Patients
• Religion and Public Policy
• Business and Health Care

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