Health News Review

This isn’t a health news story.

But it could have been. estimates that 27 local TV stations across the country all used the same script for filler material. They reported:

Conan O’Brien poked fun at content-sharing in local news this week, showing a clip on his show of several anchors repeating the same phrase — “push the envelope” — while reporting on the late night host’s plans to officiate a same-sex wedding on his show.

The original source of the copy was CBS Newspath, according to staffers at two stations featured in the clip. Although “Conan” only showed 18 stations, a search of reveals that 27 stations reported the story using identical wording.

 In each case, the TV station has filled news time at no expense, grabbing a feed from CBS without having to pay a reporter to hit the streets and do some enterprise reporting on some important local issue.

Watch and weep.

We’ve written many times about journalism-via-news-release.  Here’s an example that didn’t involve TV news but print journalism.

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