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Journalist Paul Tullis wrote a good synopsis of the workshop that Ivan Oransky and I led at the Association of Health Care Journalists’ 15th annual conference – held in Boston this year. The workshop drew the largest audience of any of the years we’ve done such a workshop at the AHCJ conference – an estimate of 150 people. All sitting in a dark ballroom for about two hours listening to advice on how to do a better job in reporting on research studies – when they could have been on field trips touring some of the medical marvels of Boston. I did try to lighten the atmosphere by offering this post-lunch interlude before we began. The topic of surrogate markers was relevant:

Ivan and I have posted our slides on

Birds, Bears, Turtles, Trains, Coupons, Cocks…and Moses: my talk to AHCJ 2013 Boston from GarySchwitzer

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