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On Twitter, one journalist wrote: “Has Dr. Oz reached his reprehensible worst?”

See Orac’s post on ScienceBlogs for the entire story - which begins: “These days, Dr. Oz seems to stand for everything I oppose in medicine: Fear mongering, quackery, making claims that he can’t back up with science, and, of course, filthy lucre.”


Dr. Oz showing woman’s breast sonogram



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Greg Pawelski posted on December 18, 2013 at 9:22 am

As one researcher had related to me, the science of cancer causation associated with cell phones and related electromagnetic fields is still maturing. However, how can Dr. Oz explain to his audience the piezoelectric effect or non-thermal energy effect that might better explain the carcinogenesis? His way is more entertaining. Don’t confuse people any more than they are already.