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“Journalism” via news release

Or does WSJ have it backwards?

2 examples in 2 days

  • Hey, TIME: mice are not people

  • Does sex lead to sharper seniors' minds?

  • Bad habits back for BMJ news releases


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  • Mar 5 2015

    Young girl’s story may lead Idaho to approve marijuana oil

    This story is about access to a marijuana-based extract called cannabidiol oil. But we’re not necessarily talking about something that’s synthesized at the local dispensary. This is a pharmaceutical cannabidiol product that can be obtained with FDA permission by physicians through an Investigational New Drug application. The story should have made this clear.

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  • Mar 5 2015

    Sex in Old Age May Lead to a Sharper Mind

    The provocative headline for this story might have things backwards.

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  • Mar 4 2015

    Should Pregnant Women Eat More Tuna?

    A good overview of why government nutrition authorities are considering a revision on their guidance for tuna consumption during pregnancy.

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