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  • Jan 8 2013

    A health care PR man writes on the ethics of getting it right

    …l , APR, Senior Director, Communication and Advocacy, American College of Sports Medicine.  (The APR after his name requires some explanation.  Henkel advises: “my wife thinks it means Almost Past Redemption. The Public Relations Society of America touts it as standing for accreditation in public relations, which includes a strong emphasis on the code of ethics that’s linked in my blog entry.”) —————̵…

  • May 13 2011

    Health care public relations 101 – continued

    It’s been quite a week for journalists to tell stories about how medical industry PR people have tried to manipulate them. There was the minimum $100 offer. Then the $250 offer. And now Peggy Peck of MedPage Today writes, “The wolf in sheep’s clothing.” She posts and writes about an email she recently received: Here is an edited (to protect the not-so-innocent, and to add emphasis where I feel warranted) copy of the …

  • Mar 31 2011

    Cardiobrief: Medtronic uses embargo as a “public relations tool”

    …uld be known that this is an extremely common occurrence. Nearly every day I receive a PR solicitation offering an interview with a clinical investigator or expert. I am nearly always uncertain about the precise nature of the relationship between the investigator and the company. Often, of course, the company pays for the clinical trial. But do the investigators get paid to do these PR briefings? If not, what about expenses? (I’ve heard rum…

  • Dec 18 2013

    4th annual year-ender on health care PR crap

    I don’t think all public relations messages about health care are crap.  But most of what I see is. And I can’t stand seeing public relations that may end up hurting the public. The Public Relations Society of America’s code of ethics talks about serving the public good…and “a special obligation to operate ethically.” Hmm.  Keep your own scorecard on that as you follow the examples below. That’s why I…

  • May 2 2013

    Hooters, Surgery Tweeters, Media Manipulators – a marketing roundup

    …ated tweeter paid for by the hospital is absurd,” Schattner told LiveScience. Schattner also expressed concern about potential distractions to the surgeon and whether social media surgeries serve a purpose beyond public relations and marketing for a practice or hospital. There’s no extra benefit to live surgery compared with watching prerecorded videos on YouTube or elsewhere, she said.”   Impact of Marketing and PR on the …

  • Dec 8 2014

    At last: new life, new funding, new initiatives, new people for

    …ll known by many journalists and by those who follow nutrition science news closely. Here’s what we’re going to do with the funding: Create a Center for Media Communication and Health at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health – the new home for the project. Add new systematic reviews of health care news releases (from sources including medical journals, drug/device manufacturers, academic medical centers). This is the most important…

  • Dec 30 2010

    Year-end review of health care PR puffery sent to journalists

    Health care journalists are buried under a mountain of public relations material sent to them every day of every week of every month. I don’t even work in a traditional news setting, yet I’ve made it onto the distribution lists of countless PR people. The picture on the left shows a pile of video news releases sent to one TV health news reporter just over a relatively short time span. Here’s my year end look at just some …

  • Jul 27 2006

    Public Response to

    People have been saying good things about, and we wanted to share some of them with you. has been named one of the winners of a 2006 Knight-Batten Award for Innovations in Journalism. The Knight-Batten Awards spotlight the creative use of new information ideas and technologies to involve citizens in public issues. They are administered by J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism at the…

  • Apr 22 2013

    Addressing the Ethical Morass at the Intersection of Media, Medicine and Public Health

    I’m honored to be invited to present the 16th Annual Mates David and Hinna Stahl Memorial Lecture at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey tomorrow (April 23). My topic: “Addressing the Ethical Morass at the Intersection of Media, Medicine and Public Health.” (Addendum on April 25: now that the talk has been given, I’ve posted my slides.) Bioethics lecture UMDNJ-RW…

  • Jan 15 2013

    First person health care stories not always narcissism – and can be a public service

    … recently about her search for a quality colonoscopy.  Her latest,  “Ask About The Quality Of Your Colonoscopy: It Matters,”  discusses how hard it is to find quality and cost data on colonoscopies. There can be a public service in addressing a complex screening issue like this – although, as noted in comments following a prior post, perhaps she could have spent more time on the question of whether a colonoscopy was necessary. O…

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