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  • Jan 28 2015

    DNA Blood Test Gives Women A New Option For Prenatal Screening

    Prenatal screening tests should not be confused with diagnostic tests. This story explains why.

  • Aug 16 2011

    Will you have a heart attack? These tests might tell

    Severely flawed story.  Includes simply unbelievable claims from a conflicted source, who is allowed to make non-evidence-backed promotions of various screening approaches.

  • Jan 1 2007

    Group recommends Down syndrome testing

    There’s a big change coming for pregnant women: Down syndrome testing no longer hinges on whether they’re older or younger than 35.

  • Jan 10 2006

    Study Questions Prostate Cancer Screening

    Two widely used tests for prostate cancer failed to save lives in a new study, adding to the debate over whether men should be screened for the disease. The study was small — only 1,002 men — and will not be the final word on the issue. But it may hint at what lies ahead when the results of two large studies of prostate cancer screening appear in a few years. The researchers looked at two screening tests that are performed millions of times a year in the United States: a blood test that measures prostate specific antigen, or PSA, and a digital rectal exam, the rubber-glove test in which a doctor feels for abnormalities in the prostate through the rectal wall.

  • Apr 17 2007

    Three tests may foil artery-disease deaths

    Three simple tests that can potentially save thousands of lives from strokes, aneurysms or other arterial problems are getting a big endorsement today.

  • Jul 31 2012

    Study: PSA Testing Cuts Worst Prostate Cancers

    Better than HealthDay’s story and’s story because it at least took a stab at independent analysis of the evidence.

  • May 16 2006

    IU doctors say screening could save lives, money

    A uniform, national panel of newborn screening tests could not only save lives but also save money, two doctors in the Indiana University School of Medicine found in a newly published study.

  • Jul 31 2012

    Prostate Cancer Screening: Why Can’t Doctors Agree?

    Too little time spent on the weaknesses of a statistical modeling study.  Independent expert analysis would have helped.

  • Dec 28 2010

    More signs lung cancer screening could save lives

    The meat of the story was well done, making up for the headline, lead sentence and concluding section that were a bit raw around the edges.

  • Jan 11 2006

    New prenatal tests provide clearer answers sooner

    Prenatal screening for Down syndrome and other birth defects has for decades been an anxious rite of passage for many pregnant women. For many, especially those over 35, the joy of finding out they are pregnant is tempered by weeks of anxiety as they await the fourth month of their pregnancy for the tests to be done.
    Not anymore. For the first time since such prenatal chromosome screening was introduced in 1990, women of any age can choose to have screening tests done 11 to 13 weeks into their pregnancy. Not only does that cut down on the waiting time, but the newer tests are better than the older ones at predicting the likelihood that a fetus has some of the most common and serious chromosomal abnormalities.

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