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  • Apr 2 2014

    Honored to be named “champion of shared decision making”

    The Informed Medical Decisions Foundation has named 25 Shared Decision Making Champions, and I’m honored to be one of them. The Foundation wrote: Throughout the 25 years of the Foundation’s history, we have been fortunate to work with, and along side, many noteworthy individuals to advance shared decision making. While we can’t recognize every single individual who has provided a wealth of inspiration and guidance for our work, we would li…

  • May 28 2013

    5 shared decision-making articles in JAMA Internal Medicine receive little attention

    for back or knee replacement surgery and least for breast and prostate cancer screening. Discussions about these common tests, medications, and procedures as reported by patients do not reflect a high level of shared decision making, particularly for 5 decisions most often made in primary care.” Decision-Making Preferences Among Patients With an Acute Myocardial Infarction Association of Patient Preferences for Participation in Decision Ma…

  • Feb 28 2012

    Two noteworthy screening decision-making op-ed pieces on same day

    …k Force, which found that PSA testing does not offer a mortality benefit. Here’s the link for those who are interested: Shared decision making is not about getting the patient to do what the doctor wants him to do, which judging from Kenny’s blog he thinks it is (and his opinion about the PSA test is, understandably, “Just don’t do it!” ). Telling patients w…

  • Jul 11 2013

    Shared decision-making for prostate cancer screening? Fuhgeddaboudit!

    The news, unfortunately, is that there’s nothing new here. “Shared decision-making uncommon for PSA tests,” Reuters Health reports. Excerpts: “Most men have not discussed the potential advantages and disadvantages of prostate cancer screening with their doctor, according to a new study. Guidelines from groups including the American Urological Association and American College of Physicians call for shared decision-making w…

  • Sep 1 2011

    Search for civility, shared decision-making in screening/health care discussions

    … attacked.” In response to that story, respected patient advocate Musa Mayer left an online comment: “As a patient rep for (the FDA’s Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee), I too have been publicly reviled for making evidence-based decisions that I felt would benefit the larger population of patients. It seems we’re expected to think only of immediate needs, and not public health consequences, or even of those not present wh…

  • Sep 22 2010

    Shared decision-making as part of care management may lower costs

    w attention to shared decision-making. The NEJM paper was submitted by a team from Health Dialog Services in Boston, with Dr. David Wennberg as its lead author. (Disclosure: The Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making, which supports my project, derives much of its funding from a partnership with Health Dialog. In collaboration with Health Dialog, the Foundation produces patient decision aids to support a shar…

  • Feb 14 2011

    Jessie Gruman’s Valentine to Shared Decision Making

    Jessie Gruman is president of the Center for Advancing Health but she’s also faced four different cancer diagnoses. Today she writes here “Valentine to Shared Decision Making.” I encourage you to read the full piece, but here’s an excerpt: As an advocate for policies that support people’s engagement in their health care and a veteran of a few serious illnesses, I support this approach. But I am also currently a can…

  • Apr 7 2011

    Study shows value of shared decision-making video aid for bariatric surgery

    rea. Instead, he said, preference-sensitive care, including bariatric surgery, should reflect the preferences of individual patients. For that to happen, it helps for patients to go through a process of “shared decision making” with their doctors, said Dr. Arterburn. In shared decision making, each doctor shares with their patient all relevant information on the possible risks and benefits of detection and treatment options for a heal…

  • Feb 7 2014

    New cholesterol guidelines present need for shared decision-making

    …in medications,” they see a vital role for shared decision-making. There is not, they write, “a single right answer for all patients.” So they call for doctors to “engage the patient in shared decision making using evidence-based approaches.” They demonstrated one way of doing that, displaying a video example of a patient decision aid on statin or aspirin choice.…

  • Oct 18 2012

    Medical devices and shared decision-making: Daisy chains of decades of device approval without rigorous assessment

    The journal Arthritis Care & Research has accepted for future publication – and posted online (for subscribers) – an unedited paper, “Preceding the Procedure:  Medical Devices and Shared Decision-Making.”  The paper builds on a hypothetical example of a man in his 50s with hip arthritis who is facing a decision about total hip replacement.  Excerpts: “(The surgeon – Dr. Jones) reviews the procedure with hi…

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