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  • Mar 5 2013

    Two new books by physicians to put on your reading list

    “Between the Lines:  Finding the Truth in Medical Literature,” by Marya Zilberberg, MD, MPH….and “The Patient Paradox: Why sexed-up medicine is bad for your health,” by Margaret McCartney, MD, are two books to add your reading list. I’ve written several times about smart blog posts by Zilberberg, an adjunct professor of epidemiology at U-Mass Amherst.  In her book, she urges: “We need to acknowledge the …

  • Jun 27 2014

    A couple of docs react strongly to NYT “Well” blog post on vitamin D screening

    … “They’re saying that if doctors decide to do it, that we should tell the patient that we’re not positive whether it will make a difference and we’re not sure if more good will come from it or more harm.” That drove Dr. Marya Zilberberg up the wall.  You can read her bio here. She recently wrote a book, “Between the Lines: Finding the Truth in Medical Literature.” When she read the final line of the story – the final Sukol quote…

  • Apr 26 2012

    Grasping and even celebrating uncertainty

    Marya Zilberberg posted, “Fast science: No time for uncertainty.”  Excerpt: “…my anxiety about how we do clinical science overall is not new; this blog is overrun with it. However, the new branch of that anxiety relates to something I have termed “fast science.” Like fast food it fills us up, but the calories are at best empty and at worst detrimental. What I mean is that science is a process more than it is a…

  • Mar 21 2012

    Aspirin & cancer story: what’s right dose of caveats?

    …aneously in The Lancet. The Women’s Health Initiative and the Physicians’ Health Study involved more than 60,000 men and women, and neither demonstrated an effect of aspirin on cancer risk. Physician-blogger Marya Zilberberg dug deeper in her post, “Aspirin or bias?,” praising a Cancer Research UK blog review: “…of the new and old aspirin data with respect to its effects on cancer and cardiovascular complicatio…

  • Mar 13 2012

    Red meat study/stories deserve a closer look, too

    Physician-blogger Marya Zilberberg, a professor of epidemiology at U-Mass, Amherst, writes,”Unpacking the meat data.” She says a study from Harvard – and news coverage of it – about how red meat is bad for you “deserves some unpacking.” Excerpt: The investigators examined two large observational cohort studies totaling over 100,000 subjects and tried to estimate the risk of death associated with red meat consu…

  • Dec 16 2010

    The potential harms of “a non-invasive CT angiography test, just to ‘reassure’ the patient”

    See this thoughtful blog post, “Why medical testing is never a simple decision,” by Marya Zilberberg (@murzee on Twitter). …

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