2 10/20/2015

How fast to “cures” and at what cost? Politico forum tilts toward pharma-friendly messaging

The following is a guest blog post by Dr. Susan Molchan, one of our independent expert editorial contributors. On October 5 I attended an event entitled “How Fast to Cures?” hosted by Politico, a well-established media organization that publishes a magazine and other content on politics and policy in Washington, DC. A video of the […]


75-second videos capture some of our concepts

It’s always interesting to see how different people view our work. Gary Fradin teaches healthcare economics to hundreds of licensed insurance brokers each year. His web presence is on TheMedicalGuide.net.  He and his partner, David Rubin, created a couple of videos to help educate patients and others about some of our core concepts.   Here […]

1 10/15/2015

Immune Boost Bunk

We’re pleased to publish another guest post by Timothy Caulfield, who is a Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy at the University of Alberta, a Trudeau Fellow and the author of “Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?: How the Famous Sell Us Elixirs of Health, Beauty & Happiness” (Beacon Press, 2015). It is […]


Podcast: 10th anniversary of an unusual medical group

This week, the National Physician Alliance co-authored a new report, “Politics in the Exam Room: A Growing Threat.” The authors state that it “looks at state laws that intrude into exam rooms in the areas of toxic chemical exposures, women’s reproductive health, and gun violence prevention, jeopardizing the quality of medical care available to patients.” […]

2 10/14/2015

Sponsored content, new cholesterol drugs, and the political process

Harold J. DeMonaco is the Assistant Chief Medical Officer for Care Transitions at the Massachusetts General Hospital and a long-time contributor to HealthNewsReview.org. During the silly season of presidential politics, I read two online political news sites — The Hill and Politico — with a bit more frequency than usual. Recently, a headline (New drugs […]

10 10/13/2015

This flu season, let’s immunize ourselves from the annual infection of exaggerating relative risk reductions  

The following post is by Alan Cassels, a regular contributor to the blog who is also a drug policy researcher at the University of Victoria, Canada. “Normally, the flu vaccine is between 50 to 60 percent effective” — Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) How effective is the flu […]


“Real-life gaydar”? A news release sparks headlines that get ahead of the evidence

The big news yesterday, sparked by a yet-to-be-published study of twins and a related news release from the American Society of Human Genetics (ASGH), is that scientists can now predict male sexual orientation “with 70% accuracy” using a genetic test. The headline about the study in the ASGH news release put it this way: Epigenetic […]

1 10/8/2015

Was Turing Pharmaceuticals’ 5000% price increase a tipping point?

There are no regulatory checks and balances on U.S. prescription drug prices. That fact was brought home again after Turing Pharmaceuticals significantly jacked up the price of a 60-year-old drug after it acquired the rights. (USA Today‘s Christine Rushton appears to be the first major media reporter to have covered the story on September 18.) […]


Podcast: Overuse in orthopedics

On the website of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) is this statement: To foster conversations between patients and physicians about what care is really necessary, the AAOS recently released a list of five specific tests or procedures that are commonly ordered but not always necessary. The effort is part of the Choosing Wisely® campaign. Here […]


5-Star Friday: Texting, “skipping chemo,” rethinking breast cancer treatment, and Planned Parenthood

Five-star Friday is our ongoing effort to recognize excellence in health care journalism — both in the stories that we review on this site and in the larger media landscape. In the former category, we’ve had two recent stories garner five stars from members of our expert review team comprised of both journalists and health […]


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