2 1/13/2016

University of Maryland launches institutional review of chocolate milk study first flagged by HealthNewsReview.org

This strange tale has entered a new chapter. First, on January 5, we reviewed a news release from the University of Maryland that was headlined, “Concussion-related measures improved in high school football players who drank new chocolate milk, UMD study shows.” When a news release states that a “study shows” something which is not backed […]


Grail’s search for a universal cancer screen: noble quest or fool’s errand?

The following is a guest post by Dr. Richard Hoffman, who is Professor of Internal Medicine and Epidemiology, and Director of the Division of General Internal Medicine for the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine/Iowa City VA. Building on yesterday’s post from Harold DeMonaco, Hoffman raises some new concerns about the concept of a universal […]

1 1/12/2016

Hypewatch: Journalists need to pour some cold water into that “Grail”

Imagine how wonderful it would be if a test from a single blood drawing could tell you whether you had evidence of cancer long before symptoms appeared and presumably early enough for effective treatment. Wonder no more, suggests a report from Bloomberg News. Illumina, a genetic sequencing company, has formed a new company — somewhat […]

2 1/12/2016

How universities can avoid the next chocolate milk/concussion debacle

The following guest post is by Earle Holland, former Assistant Vice President for Research Communications at Ohio State University. He’s now one of our regular reviewers and blog contributors. His post was sparked by our review of a dubious University of Maryland news release and the university’s subsequent stonewalling on questions related to that release.  […]

9 1/11/2016

Why won’t the University of Maryland talk about the chocolate milk/concussion study it was so eager to promote?

Editor’s note: In response to concerns first raised by HealthNewsReview.org in a news release review and the following blog post, the University of Maryland has announced it is conducting an investigation into the study at the center of this controversy.  Why did the University of Maryland issue multiple news releases about a health research project… and […]

1 1/8/2016

Is more testing really the way to save American healthcare?

What was the Daily Beast thinking when it gave a big wet kiss to the piece headlined “How to Save American Healthcare” by British journalist Charlotte Lytton, a contributor who asserts that even more technology is the path to cheaper healthcare? Lytton writes: “A new wave of tests and technologies is slowly bringing about the […]

3 1/7/2016

“Thousands of lives lost”? Why calls for faster drug approvals need more scrutiny

Last week the New York Times published an interesting hybrid of a piece that I found in the Health section, although its header was actually “Politics.”  On its face, it is a sad human interest story of a cancer nurse who died of cancer, with the ironic twist that her husband is the long-standing head […]


Headache caused by aspirin news of the past 10 days

Dr. Vinay Prasad wrote on Twitter:   Unbelievable: 1923 Aspirin ad contains less bullshit than the last 2 weeks of aspirin news! pic.twitter.com/IlwxQwuXIB — Vinay Prasad (@VinayPrasad82) January 6, 2016   If you click through on the image in his Tweet above, you’ll eventually get to a larger view of the headline screenshot he captured on […]

2 1/6/2016

How the sausage inside a nutrition study is made

I highly recommend you read the entirety of Christie Aschwanden’s excellent FiveThirtyEight piece chronicling the problems with many nutrition studies. She takes you inside the production of such a study to show you how the sausage is made (and measured) — and the results aren’t pretty. She writes: The problem begins with a lack of […]

6 1/6/2016

Can $2 billion a year cure Alzheimer’s?

The following is a guest post by Linda Furlini, PhD, who works as a research associate at the Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University, in Montreal. Editor’s note: When Hillary Clinton’s campaign gathered reporters on a conference call recently to announce her plan to devote $2 billion annually to Alzheimer’s research that would lead to a […]


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