4 5/21/2015

Responding to parts 2-3 of New England Journal of Medicine’s series on pharma-MD relations

Dr. Susan Molchan responds to the second and third pieces of a series by New England Journal of Medicine national correspondent Dr. Lisa Rosenbaum: Understanding Bias –The Case for Careful Study, and Beyond Moral Outrage –Weighing the Trade-Offs of COI Regulation. Last week, she was one of the first critics of part one of the […]


Does the public trust science? A university communicator’s reflections

One “peek behind the curtain” of how news releases can sometimes emanate from academic medical centers – or their researchers – was provided by our managing editor Kevin Lomangino’s piece this week, “NanoKnife fight at the University of Louisville: Why a disputed news release reflects important truths about health care news.” Another “peek behind the […]

3 5/20/2015

NanoKnife fight at the University of Louisville: Why a disputed news release reflects important truths about health care news

A few weeks ago, we posted a review of a university news release about a potential new treatment for pancreatic cancer called the NanoKnife. Our reviewers gave the release two stars and flagged some major problems in their Review Summary: “A futuristic-sounding medical treatment is paired with a bold claim of survival benefit in this […]

4 5/19/2015

Resting bitch face: Disease-mongering plastic surgery news

The following is a guest blog post by Carolina Branson, PhD, an associate editor for HealthNewsReview.org. As noted below, her graduate research was on women’s health issues in the media. “Facial plastic surgery improves perception of femininity, personality, attractiveness.” When I saw this headline from a recent news release from JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, it made me […]


Continued problems with inconsistent & adjacent news releases from BMJ

BMJ  publishes more than 50 specialist journals, and distributes news releases from these journals as well. That’s a big workload, and sometimes it shows. This week, BMJ sent out two releases in one email. From the British Journal of Sports Medicine, a news release headlined, “Half an hour of physical activity 6 days a week […]

6 5/14/2015

Criticism of NEJM’s defense of industry-physician relations

The following is a guest blog post from one of our contributors, Susan Molchan, MD, a psychiatrist in the Washington, DC, area. In the first of a series of pieces, New England of Journal of Medicine national correspondent Dr. Lisa Rosenbaum wrote, “Reconnecting the Dots – Reinterpreting Industry-Physician Relations.” (You really should read this piece […]

10 5/11/2015

Politics & misleading Medicaid statistic

The following is a guest blog post from Trudy Lieberman, one of our contributors. When the Florida legislature recently adjourned without expanding Medicaid after contentious debate, one statement by Rep. Richard Corcoran undoubtedly influenced the outcome. When Corcoran’s constituents emailed him asking for Medicaid expansion, he replied: “The largest national study, conducted by the University […]


“Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?” out this week, yet USA Today calls her a guru

USA Today is pushing the envelope with its story, “Mother’s Day gift guide: 5 picks for a health & beauty-obsessed mom like Gwyneth Paltrow.”  The first line of the article refers to the actress as a “(self-proclaimed) health and beauty guru.” But the story is just crappy click-bait because there’s nothing of substance about Gwyneth […]

1 5/6/2015

Varying media tributes for National Nurses Week

The American Nurses Association theme for the week is “Ethical practice. Quality care.” TIME offers a look back at a LIFE magazine cover story on nursing from the 1930s. A year ago, the New York Times reviewed the documentary, “The American Nurse.”  And then there is ZDoggMD’s tribute, “I Try (To Be A Nurse)” – […]

7 5/5/2015

Questions about ‘80% by 2018′ campaign to boost colorectal cancer screening

The following is a guest blog post by Dr. Richard Hoffman, who has been reviewing health care news stories for us for years.  He recently became the Director of the Division of General Internal Medicine for the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine/Iowa City VA Medical Center. I was recently invited to attend an “80% by 2018″ […]


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