1 4/7/2015

Step right up and be the first in your region to get robotic surgery for ___?___

This is an addendum to Trudy Lieberman’s blog post about surgical robot news release puffery…and about questionable claims of robotic surgery “firsts” as robot owners launch marketing and public relations efforts. I’ve been saving a little sample of robot owner’s claims about their expensive investments, and have posted some of them below. As you look […]

2 4/7/2015

Surgical robot news release puffery – here a 1st, there a 1st, everywhere a first 1st

Trudy Lieberman recently wrote a guest blog post on this site headlined, “Dissecting press release puffery.” What follows is what you might call a sequel by Trudy.    This time it’s the long arm of a surgical robot that a healthcare seller hoped would make news. “Midtown Surgery Center Announces First-Ever Use of Robotics During […]

22 4/6/2015

Money angle is missing from Post’s coverage of a new ALS drug

The following blog post is written by Kevin Lomangino, managing editor of HealthNewsReview.org. He tweets as @Klomangino.  The Washington Post featured a curious story last week about an experimental drug for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the progressive neurodegenerative disorder that is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. I say “curious” because the story seemed oddly naïve (or inexplicably […]

3 4/3/2015

Incessant Testing: Experts are right, but Mark Cuban will prevail.

The following is another perspective on the Mark Cuban Twitter barrage of personal health advice this week.  This post is submitted by one of our longtime contributors, Andrew Holtz. —————————- Mark Cuban is old-fashioned and thinks small. A couple of days ago, Cuban told his Twitter throngs to get quarterly blood tests, even when perfectly […]

2 4/3/2015

Smart social media health care comments this week…and then there was Mark Cuban

On his Not Running A Hospital blog, former hospital exec Paul Levy writes: Comments over at @HealthNewsRevu can be as thoughtful as the articles: http://t.co/WEcr8GSGFL — Paul Levy (@Paulflevy) April 3, 2015 Levy’s entire post was a copy of a comment by Dr. Tazia K. Stagg on our site, left in response to Sally James’ […]

2 4/2/2015

Salon’s “female viagra is long overdue” piece fell into the disease mongering trap

The following blog post is from one of our regular contributors, Alan Cassels, a pharmaceutical policy researcher at the University of Victoria, British Columbia,  a journalist, and author of the books  “Seeking Sickness” and “The ABCs of Disease Mongering”. These are his opinions. ———————————— It’s great to see young journalists – all enthusiastic and energetic — weigh […]

25 3/31/2015

Social media reacts to “Emperor of All Maladies” – Ripples of conversation flow from it

The following is a guest blog post from one of our contributors, Sally James of Seattle, an active observer of, and participant in, health/medicine/science-related social media. She tweets as @jamesian. —————————— People are talking about the cancer film, “Emperor of Maladies,” produced by Ken Burns for the Public Broadcasting System, PBS. The three part series […]


JACC cites our work in calling for journalists & researchers to share responsibility in protecting the public

Dr. Valentin Fuster of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, and editor of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, cites our work in his editorial, “Journalists and Researchers: Equal Responsibility in Protecting the Public.“ Excerpts of his editorial: “Over the past 10 months in these Editor’s Pages, I have often encouraged […]

9 3/30/2015

More than half of 60 Minutes devoted to “Killing Cancer” but still no independent perspective

The following is a guest blog post from a member of our editorial team, Tom Watkins, who worked at CNN for more than two decades.  He has a strong background in health/medical/science journalism. ————————— CBS News’ “60 Minutes” devoted a massive amount of time, resources and airtime to a story about an experimental treatment underway […]

3 3/25/2015

A call to ban advertising testosterone for anti-aging

The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society published an editorial, “Disease Mongering of Age-Associated Declines in Testosterone and Growth Hormone Levels.”  It’s written by Dr. Thomas Perls, Professor of Medicine and Geriatrics, Boston Medical Center and Dr. David Handelsman of the University of Sydney. Because we want to devote more attention to health care advertising […]


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