1 3/10/2016

Xarelto controversy highlights need for more transparency at NEJM

The following is a guest blog post from one of our contributors, Susan Molchan, MD, a psychiatrist in the Washington, DC, area. She’s been closely following, and criticizing, NEJM’s stance on data-sharing and conflicts of interest. Last week, many media outlets, including the New York Times, reported on concerns about the validity of a huge, […]

10 3/8/2016

Investigation of Alzheimer’s Association in-fighting didn’t address the role of corporate sponsorships

The following guest post is by Matt Shipman, a public information officer at North Carolina State University and a frequent story and news release reviewer. He tweets as @shiplives. A fascinating story from health news site STAT highlighted a wave of departures from the Alzheimer’s Association, with many of the group’s regional chapters leaving the […]

6 3/7/2016

FOX, Banner MD Anderson hype Cuba cancer “breakthrough”

Some think finding the cure for cancer is like taking a rocket ship to the moon. Others say the next huge breakthrough is waiting for us a mere 90 miles off the shores of Key West. This story from a Fox News affiliate in Phoenix makes some breathtaking claims about a Cuban lung cancer vaccine […]

6 3/3/2016

“Medicare for All” vs. “Government Plan”: Nuance matters in coverage of health policy choices

In late January, as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battled over a Medicare-for-all health system, PBS NewsHour co-anchor Judy Woodruff in a conversation with her guests David Brooks and Ruth Marcus posed this question: “Essentially the argument is whether you just wipe away what we have done and you go to a single-payer healthcare system, […]

3 3/1/2016

“Low T” tease: rosy anecdotes and the reality of testosterone treatment effects

Carolina Branson, PhD, is an associate editor with HealthNewsReview.org. Her graduate work at the University of Minnesota focused on media studies and health.  The sale of testosterone is a booming business. Some men take supplements of the hormone hoping to increase libido, energy, muscle mass, and more. But until now, there was little evidence that […]

1 2/29/2016

Precision Medicine at one year: A soaring White House summit and the potholes ahead

We’re pleased to publish the following guest post by Dr. Michael Joyner, a medical researcher at the Mayo Clinic who recently joined our team as a contributor. These views are his own. You can follow him on twitter @DrMJoyner. Last week there was a big shindig at the White House reviewing progress from the first […]

15 2/26/2016

Colonoscopies: America’s gold standard, while Canada says they’re not justified

Alan Cassels, who is a journalist and pharmaceutical policy researcher at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, reflects on the differences between Canadian and US guidelines on colon cancer screening and why that disparity isn’t being reported on.  Do borders really exist in medicine, where the mere act of crossing political boundaries changes what screening […]

13 2/24/2016

TIME’s short memory on Alzheimer’s drug failures

The following guest post is from one of our contributors, Dr. Susan Molchan, a psychiatrist in the Washington D.C. area. As half of the face of a pretty middle-aged woman dissolves into the background of an October 2010 TIME magazine cover, the headline proclaims, “At last, some progress against the most stubborn disease — Alzheimer’s.” […]

1 2/22/2016

John Fauber profile – 2nd in occasional podcast series on standouts in health care journalism

Anyone who follows health care news should pause for a moment and look at the body of work that John Fauber of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has built – especially in just the past seven years. (Fauber’s work is also seen on MedPage Today in a partnership arrangement.) There is much that other health care […]

2 2/19/2016

MIT’s misleading PR headline on autism

We’ve now published 125 systematic criteria-driven reviews of PR news releases about health care or research.  We won’t apply all of our criteria to this one, because it is the often-all-important headline that is the focus of our commentary.   On Twitter, UC Davis professor Jonathan Eisen (@phylogenomics), wrote: Wow @MIT turned mice into humans and a […]


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