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  • Feb 18 2015

    British website gets “sassy” on Twitter about flawed health care journalism

    London-based BuzzFeed reporter Jamie Ross writes, “The NHS Is Calling Out Journalists On Twitter For Getting Their Facts Wrong.” The NHS is the British National Health Service. The NHS contracts with a company called Bazian to look “Behind the Headlines” on health news stories. We’ve written several times about the project.  For example: Rise in cancer [...]

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  • Feb 17 2015

    Sensational language – scary & fawning – in USNWR story on Cologuard colon cancer test

    Earlier this month, US News & World Report published a story, “Meet Cologuard: The Colon Cancer Test You Can Take At Home.” It profiles a man who had what is described as a “gruesome” experience from a colonoscopy 35 years ago – so bad “that he vowed never to have another screening test for colorectal [...]

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  • Feb 16 2015

    A new MD-journalist asks, “Is there a role for the physician-journalist?”

    Last week I wrote that NBC News medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar was placed into a conflict of interest situation when asked to comment on the air about a story concerning Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also called ME/CFS with a new proposal to call it Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease). Dr. Azar delivered her comments after being [...]

  • Feb 13 2015

    Who funded the research? It’s always an important question.

    The following is a guest blog post from one of our contributors, veteran health care journalist Trudy Lieberman. Trudy keeps an eye out for the way in which health care topics are promoted to the public, often with a special focus on how health care policy might be influenced by news and health care communication. ———————— [...]

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  • Feb 12 2015

    Academic science journalism project unveils gaps in reporting research misconduct

    In JAMA Internal Medicine this week there’s an article that is especially newsworthy:  “Research Misconduct Identified by the US Food and Drug Administration:  Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of the Peer-Reviewed Literature.”  Excerpts: Every year, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspects several hundred clinical sites performing biomedical research on human participants [...]

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  • Feb 11 2015

    Brian Williams isn’t NBC’s only ethical problem; check medical news coverage issues

    So Brian Williams, it’s now reported, will be suspended without pay for 6 months by NBC News after his false claims about an experience during the Iraq war. A few months ago, NBC’s Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Nancy Snyderman was taken off the air after “a breach of her Ebola quarantine.”  Almost immediately, NBC brought [...]

  • Feb 10 2015

    Criticism of Toronto Star story on HPV vaccine Gardasil’s “dark side”

    From – “How the Toronto Star massively botched a story about the HPV vaccine.”  It begins: “On Thursday, the Toronto Star, one of the largest newspapers in North America and the most-read in Canada, published a story that is everything wrong with vaccine reporting in one dangerous package. The story was, at its core, a collection of [...]

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  • Feb 10 2015

    CDC, conflicting (conflicted?) info, Tamiflu & unquestioning news reporting

    The following is a guest blog post from Jeanne Lenzer, an independent journalist and an associate editor for The BMJ.  Just last week, she published an important piece in that journal about the CDC, the FDA and the antiviral drug Tamiflu (oseltamivir).  This piece is related. ———————— The oseltamivir (Tamiflu, Roche/Genentech/Gilead) story is filled with [...]

  • Feb 9 2015

    Endometrial cancer joins the “coffee club” in which association ≠ causation

    Did the latest round of causal claims about a coffee observational study stem from a news release? I’m betting so, because not many journalists I know regularly read the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomakers & Prevention, which is where the latest coffee study appeared. Indeed, that’s a journal published by the American Association for Cancer Research.  AACR [...]

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  • Feb 8 2015

    Comedians, entertainers tackle anti-vaccine movement, media measles messages

    MedPage Today called it the Tweet of the Week when Ottawa physician Sunny Chan (@DrWaiSun)  “shared this blunt video created by Penn and Teller that ‘destroys the anti-vaccine movement tin 90 seconds.’ ” Comedians Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Seth Meyers, Conan O’Brien, and Jimmy Fallon addressed measles-in-the-media issues. ————— Tweet Follow us on Twitter: [...]

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