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Some news media wake up to problematic Belsomra ads; most hit the snooze button

7 4/12/2016

The marketing of mindfulness and why that matters


Calling out BS on “Promoted stories”

7 1/22/2016

Predictable Pre-diabetes One-sidedness


The hospital-media partnership: promoting public health or inducing public demand?

2 10/14/2015

Sponsored content, new cholesterol drugs, and the political process

2 9/18/2015

Another potentially troubling “partnership” between a news org & Mayo Clinic

1 8/18/2015

Behind the scenes of the Times’ takedown of a Coke-funded “front group”

2 8/13/2015

No “likes” from FDA on Kim Kardashian Instagram post; agency cites Canadian drug manufacturer over missing risk info

9 6/24/2015

MD gets direct mail about screening – says she “can’t stand this anymore” a la Howard Beale