Category: Advertising

2 8/13/2015

No “likes” from FDA on Kim Kardashian Instagram post; agency cites Canadian drug manufacturer over missing risk info

9 6/24/2015

MD gets direct mail about screening – says she “can’t stand this anymore” a la Howard Beale

10 6/18/2015

Questions about Mayo Clinic deal with Minneapolis TV station

3 5/27/2015

Patient anecdotes in NY-Presbyterian hospital ads mask mediocre quality ratings

3 3/25/2015

A call to ban advertising testosterone for anti-aging

4 2/3/2015

It’s good to see others get in on the media watchdog work


Pitt urologist peaved by prostate CA ads in NY Times & New Yorker

1 6/18/2014

What stands out to me about the Oz Senate testimony


Thyroid cancer: “not an epidemic of disease but an epidemic of diagnosis”


Paul Levy says someone should be fired – and he suggests who – for NYT daVinci ad