Category: Advertising

8 4/4/2013

Drug marketing blamed for increase in ADHD diagnoses


Cyberknife ads – one example of increasing excess of hospital marketing

4 12/5/2012

Getting long in the tooth? Toothpaste “selected for people over 50″

2 11/27/2012

Researchers examine web promotion of female genital cosmetic surgery


Up the nose…in the armpit…what else can you do with testosterone?

2 7/19/2012

BMJ/BBC: “Striking lack of evidence” to back up claims for popular sports brands


End-of-week roundup: death panels, superbugs, ads for lung transplants & tumor marker screening

4 3/16/2012

Urologists sell vasectomies tied to March Madness & The Masters


Online “Daily Deal” coupon for preventive MRI scan – disease-mongering du jour

6 2/22/2012

Questions about scare tactics in health advocacy/awareness campaigns