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  • Nov 16 2012

    Up the nose…in the armpit…what else can you do with testosterone?

    Putting the update at the top:  hours after posting this, I’ve now been told there are, indeed, anal testosterone suppositories. Thanks to Leonore Tiefer for this tip: The newest “female sexual dysfunction drug” hitting the PR waves is a nasal testosterone gel in clinical trials in the US, Canada and Australia. The Dinah Project website [...]

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  • Jul 19 2012

    BMJ/BBC: “Striking lack of evidence” to back up claims for popular sports brands

    A joint news release from the BMJ and the BBC states: (Sorry I can’t do more than post the news release for now.  I’m traveling.) With the biggest sporting event in the world just a week away, a joint investigation by the BMJ and BBC Panorama has found that there is “a striking lack of [...]

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  • Jul 13 2012

    End-of-week roundup: death panels, superbugs, ads for lung transplants & tumor marker screening

    Catch up time: drawing attention to some interesting work published recently: The Poorest of Times: A Shift in “Death Panel” Rhetoric by Diana J. Mason, PhD, RN, in the JAMA forum. How Your Chicken Dinner Is Creating a Drug-Resistant Superbug by Maryn McKenna in The Atlantic. Hospitals Finding Patients on Google, Facebook by Phil Galewitz on [...]

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  • Mar 16 2012

    Urologists sell vasectomies tied to March Madness & The Masters

    USA Today refreshes our memory on what’s becoming an annual rite of spring – vasectomy promotions tied in to NCAA basketball’s March Madness. The pitch is sometimes framed as something like: “This is a good time to have it done so you can recover while spending a couple of days on the couch watching hoops [...]

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  • Mar 12 2012

    Online “Daily Deal” coupon for preventive MRI scan – disease-mongering du jour

    Some of the Groupon, Living Social, Daily Deal offerings are getting a little crazy. Here’s one I got today. The ad copy is astounding: Been dealing with a minor ache or pain? Get it checked out today! Once in a while, you may experience an enlightening moment in your life. This experience may change the [...]

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  • Feb 22 2012

    Questions about scare tactics in health advocacy/awareness campaigns

    Two smart bloggers I follow both wrote recently about scare tactics that bothered them in different ad campaigns. Marilyn Mann wrote, “Heart & Stroke Foundation ‘make death wait’ campaign: effective advocacy or unnecessary scare tactics?” She posted a TV ad, but also this print ad at left, and wrote: “…the print ad… has appeared in a [...]

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