Category: Business of health

4 5/17/2016

Despite assurances, subsidies won’t save many from big health insurance rate increases


Trendy new ‘pea milk’ generates lots of headlines, but little scrutiny

11 5/11/2016

Sponsored content gets even more slippery: Disappearing disclosures and other dirty tricks designed to fool readers

4 5/4/2016

Colonoscopies get the glory, but reasons for dramatic decline in colon cancer are unclear

1 4/26/2016

Cross-border media comparison: Insurance coverage linked to news coverage of expensive cystic fibrosis drug

8 4/20/2016

Media mystery: Why did journalists ignore an important study on a costly, harmful back pain procedure?


Some news media wake up to problematic Belsomra ads; most hit the snooze button

7 4/12/2016

The marketing of mindfulness and why that matters


Wearable monitors: what do we really know?

7 3/21/2016

With clout growing, hospitals avoid negative coverage of huge fines, safety violations