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Faulty medical devices stay on the market even after manufacturers know there are problems

2 1/13/2016

University of Maryland launches institutional review of chocolate milk study first flagged by


Grail’s search for a universal cancer screen: noble quest or fool’s errand?

1 1/12/2016

Hypewatch: Journalists need to pour some cold water into that “Grail”

1 1/8/2016

Is more testing really the way to save American healthcare?

3 1/7/2016

“Thousands of lives lost”? Why calls for faster drug approvals need more scrutiny

5 1/5/2016

FDA teams up with medical device industry to write 21st Century Cures Act

1 12/30/2015

Bioethicist LOL over “science” shenanigans in 2015

1 12/22/2015

With coupon programs, drug industry hides ballooning costs of expensive new medicines

9 12/16/2015

Opdivo ads vs. the reality of stage IV cancer treatment