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8 3/24/2015

Some journalists fire another “silver bullet” at Alzheimer’s amyloid target

2 3/23/2015

Sponsored journalist training on “precision medicine”: Zeroing in on a conflict of interest


Why we look for independent perspectives in health/medicine/science news stories

2 2/23/2015

Stealth Research & “may they know the exact content of their stools”


Pitt urologist peaved by prostate CA ads in NY Times & New Yorker

2 7/1/2014

Watch World Cup, get free skin CA screening – more hospital marketing


Questioning some of the ways in which new drug treatments are reported to the public

1 6/18/2014

What stands out to me about the Oz Senate testimony


Proton beam therapy – radiation oncology group weighs in on the evidence (and lack thereof)

2 2/23/2014

Star Tribune: Many dermatologists prefer lucrative cosmetic work to treating cancers