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  • Dec 5 2012

    Getting long in the tooth? Toothpaste “selected for people over 50″

    So I’m watching a network TV newscast the other night – the place where old people go to die in their sleep apparently based on the number of old peoples’ drug ads that appear therein – and I must not be there yet because I stayed awake long enough to see a commercial for a [...]

  • Dec 4 2012

    4th post in 6 weeks about Star Tribune home cooking for local medical device industry

    I wonder if one of the following is being observed in the Star Tribune newsroom this month: Be Nice To Your Local Medical Device Industry Month Report On Surgical Approaches To High Blood Pressure Month Open Mike Month:  Tell Us Good Things About Your Company & We’ll Print It In a little more than a [...]

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  • Dec 3 2012

    CBS 60 Minutes shines with “Hospitals: The cost of admission”

    If you didn’t see it, you should. It begins: “If you want to know why health care costs so much in this country, consider this, it’s estimated that $210 billion a year — about 10 percent of all health expenditures — goes towards unnecessary tests and treatments and a big chunk of that comes right [...]

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  • Nov 29 2012

    New poster child for disease-mongering? Do you have a pre-cold?

    One of our readers tipped us off to what he called “a new poster child for overtreatment.”  We’ll call it disease-mongering. It’s the website of the drug company promoting Zicam. The new pitch promotes Zicam for “pre-colds.” What’s a Pre-Cold™?, the website asks, anticipating our astute question. Well, as you can see, it’s a term [...]

  • Nov 27 2012

    Movember sprouts awareness messages that contain no health awareness

    Two weeks ago today we posted some concerns that have been raised about the Movember campaign. Update: A friend who lives in Manhattan sent me an email he’d received: Come join us as our chefs Jarett Broddie and Jair Solis face off with Jay Silva of Boston in a battle of food, brawn, and moustaches. [...]

  • Nov 21 2012

    As ACA unfolds, local health care turf wars erupt

    As the Affordable Care Act – the health reform bill – is shaped and defined, all sorts of “carve out your turf” battles are being waged on many levels not only in Washington, but in individual states. One caught our eye this morning:  A Denver Post story, “Suit sets up clash between day-surgery centers and [...]

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  • Nov 15 2012

    There’s no app for that: health apps that don’t work

    A report by The New England Center for Investigative Reporting – published by the Washington Post – is headlined, “Many health apps are based on flimsy science at best, and they often do not work.” It begins: “When the iTunes store began offering apps that used cellphone light to cure acne, federal investigators knew that [...]

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  • Jul 19 2012

    BMJ/BBC: “Striking lack of evidence” to back up claims for popular sports brands

    A joint news release from the BMJ and the BBC states: (Sorry I can’t do more than post the news release for now.  I’m traveling.) With the biggest sporting event in the world just a week away, a joint investigation by the BMJ and BBC Panorama has found that there is “a striking lack of [...]

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  • Jul 17 2012

    Cocoa as Sunscreen? PR Firm Shamelessly Hypes Tiny Study

    The following is a guest post by Kevin Lomangino, one of our story reviewers on He is an independent medical journalist and editor who is currently Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Nutrition Insight, a monthly evidence-based newsletter which reviews the scientific literature on nutrition for physicians and dietitians. He tweets as @Klomangino. ———————————————– With the summer [...]

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  • Jul 6 2012

    Stemming the commercial stem cell hype

    I got a news release recently offering the chance to interview the doctor who “Performed Stem Cell Therapy on New York Yankees pitcher Bartolo Colon.” The news release says the doctor was “eager to discuss”: How can stem cell therapy help you function better? How can stem cell therapy offset the signs and symptoms of [...]

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