Category: Cancer

5 3/18/2015

Why is the New York Times turning to Joseph Mercola as an expert on cancer risk?


How much overdetection in cancer screening is acceptable?


Stop blaming “demanding patients” for driving up health care costs

1 2/17/2015

Sensational language – scary & fawning – in USNWR story on Cologuard colon cancer test

2 2/5/2015

More Bow Tie, Less Glitz Please: Breast Cancer Vaccine Promises Don’t Serve Readers/Viewers


Two noteworthy breast cancer articles: women who turn down mammography…and questions about precision medicine


Can we learn anything from Japanese study of cancer news reporting?


Important and rare: A science reporter’s reflections on a controversial story


Alan Cassels guest blog post: PSA test – good myths die hard

2 12/22/2014

Monday health news roundup: mostly gems, one dud