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Podcast: Pathologic profiling – Dr. Otis Brawley on cancer overdiagnosis

4 9/29/2015

The Twitter health news hype machine

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DCIS dilemma: Dr. Laura Esserman podcast

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Bankrupted by cancer: Why “cost” is an important criterion in our review process

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New DCIS study, news release lead to (very) mixed messages: ‘And we wonder why patients get confused’

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Fred Hutch president predicts cancer cure in 10 years; critics have heard it all before

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War metaphors in breast cancer – “brave” word angers some

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Is it time to digitally re-examine the PSA test?

9 7/1/2015

When patients speak – some hear golden tones and others noise

3 6/9/2015

Why did last week’s mammography study get so much news, but the DCIS study didn’t?