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2 8/13/2015

No “likes” from FDA on Kim Kardashian Instagram post; agency cites Canadian drug manufacturer over missing risk info

2 8/3/2015

Freeze Your Ass Off, Celebrity Style

2 7/31/2015

NPR’s On the Media with a skeptic’s guide to health news/diet fads

4 6/17/2015

The dad bod: doughy ideal or dangerous health risk?

3 5/27/2015

Patient anecdotes in NY-Presbyterian hospital ads mask mediocre quality ratings


“Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?” out this week, yet USA Today calls her a guru


Questions about the ice bucket challenge

1 8/22/2014

Dr. Peter Bach on “Avoiding the Breast Cancer ‘Warrior’ Trap”


Oz, Oliver, and Outrage About Nutritional Supplements

1 6/18/2014

What stands out to me about the Oz Senate testimony