Category: Conflicts of interest

3 8/20/2015

Journalists as tour guides at the institutions they cover: a troubling NY Times precedent for the future of health news

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Behind the scenes of the Times’ takedown of a Coke-funded “front group”


Wrong forces drive osteoporosis treatment – despite evidence of lack of benefit


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Former NEJM editors slam “backtrack” on conflict of interest

1 6/2/2015

NEJM reignites conflict-of-interest debate with reader poll

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NanoKnife fight at the University of Louisville: Why a disputed news release reflects important truths about health care news

6 5/14/2015

Criticism of NEJM’s defense of industry-physician relations

22 4/6/2015

Money angle is missing from Post’s coverage of a new ALS drug

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Salon’s “female viagra is long overdue” piece fell into the disease mongering trap