Category: Conflicts of interest

16 2/11/2015

Brian Williams isn’t NBC’s only ethical problem; check medical news coverage issues

2 2/10/2015

CDC, conflicting (conflicted?) info, Tamiflu & unquestioning news reporting

1 2/5/2015

Lots of reporting & CDC criticism in BMJ piece on antiviral drug Tamiflu


Another egregious conflict of interest in Fox Health News


Pharma payments to network TV physician-journalists – Columbia Journalism Review

3 1/20/2015

“Potential biomarker that could predict”? – caveats about psychiatric brain imaging & blogging about it


Alan Cassels guest blog post: PSA test – good myths die hard

2 10/31/2014

Radiologists’ free mammography infographic leaves out vital info


More conflicted, imbalanced prostate information from FOX News

17 7/1/2014

Conflict of interest: ABC allows Ob-Gyn/”journalist” to report her opinion on pelvic exam recommendations