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  • Jun 9 2011

    Pharma Knows Best? Dueling agendas on industry-medicine relationships

    One week from today, Thursday, June 16, Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD, and her project based at Georgetown University begin a two-day conference, “Pharma Knows Best? Managing Medical Knowledge.” Topics include ghostwriting, pharma-free continuing medical education, disease awareness campaigns and, in general, academic scientists’ relationships with industry. Speakers include: Marcia Angell MD, Harvard Medical SchoolVirginia Barbour [...]

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  • Jun 8 2011

    Reuters: hidden conflicts common in journal articles

    Reuters Health published an important story, “Financial transparency skin-deep at medical journals.” Excerpts: “Nobody is making sure that authors declare their conflicts of interest. That has a very real potential to influence public health and corporate bottom lines, experts say, because researchers with industry ties are more likely to promote drugs and downplay side effects.…“At [...]

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  • May 31 2011

    Radioactive health care debate: MN moratorium on radiation treatment centers

    In the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, Christopher Snowbeck reports, “Health care debate that’s radioactive: where to build the region’s radiation treament centers.” Excerpts: “…radiation treatment centers… cost millions of dollars to build and have been the subject of fierce debates in Minnesota about where they should be located and who should be allowed to operate [...]

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  • May 26 2011

    The more medical students are exposed to pharma marketing, the more they like it and deny its influence

    The editors of PLoS Medicine conclude that a new Harvard analysis published in their journal: “…shows that (medical) students are frequently exposed to pharmaceutical marketing, even in the preclinical years, and that the extent of students’ contact with industry is generally associated with positive attitudes about marketing and skepticism towards any negative implications of interactions [...]

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  • May 25 2011

    Questions of bias in Medtronic-funded analysis of sterility in spine study

    John Fauber of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in collaboration with MedPage Today, reports another in his series of reports on conflicts of interest in health care research. It begins: “Since 2002, the medical device company Medtronic and a group of doctors with financial ties to the company were aware that its new biological agent used [...]

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  • May 23 2011

    Chicago Tribune reports on clinical trial ethics/conflict of interest question

    The Chicago Tribune reports, “Patients at heart of medical device issue: Recipients of life-saving products may not know of potential conflicts of interest when doctors put their own inventions to use.” The Tribune reports that the case they report on: “… highlights the tangled web of interests patients face when they require medical devices …showing [...]

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  • May 17 2011

    Cardiobrief raises questions of disease-mongering & conflicts of interest in familial hypercholesterolemia guidance

    On his Cardiobrief blog, Larry Husten introduces: “…the first of a three-part series on the National Lipid Association. This first part focuses on the NLA’s publication of a series of papers offering expert guidance on familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) and raises serious questions about the role of industry in the documents. The second part explores additional [...]

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  • May 6 2011

    See ProPublica’s breakdown of millions spent by industry “festooning” Heart Rhythm Society conference

    See the latest in ProPublica’s “Dollars for Doctors” series, this one headlined “Financial Ties Bind Medical Societies To Drug and Device Makers.” It begins: “From the time they arrived to the moment they laid their heads on hotel pillows, the thousands of cardiologists attending this week’s Heart Rhythm Society conference have been bombarded with pitches [...]

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  • Apr 6 2011

    Who You Gonna Believe? American Psychiatric Association & Ghostwriting

    Paul Thacker, an investigator with the Project on Government Oversight (POGO), writes: The blogosphere lit up with several posts on the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) refusal to print a letter critical of a medical textbook they published with help from the ghostwriting company Scientific Therapeutics Information. We covered it at POGO here ,and Dr. Bernard [...]

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  • Apr 4 2011

    Two excellent health care stories to start the week: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel & Philadelphia Inquirer

    John Fauber and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel continue their long-running “Side Effects” series – the longest-running journalism series on health care/medical research conflicts of interest. In the latest story, Fauber reports on a University of Wisconsin pain research group that he says has “cozy personal financial relationships with drug makers,” receiving millions, while helping to [...]

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