Category: Conflicts of interest

1 7/30/2013

If you have low back pain, chances are increasing that you won’t be treated based on best evidence


“Our medical schools must not become shills for big pharma”

22 2/5/2013

Should We Trust the NEJM Obesity Mythbusters?


The list of potential conflicts of interest in authors of the NEJM obesity myths paper

2 1/14/2013

Colonoscopy, conflicts of interest, and cautionary tales


Catching up on Conflict of Interest news. Please make it stop.


Reconciling primary care and specialist perspectives on prostate screening

2 11/1/2012

Reporting on the Medtronic mess – a recipe for home cooking in Twin Cities?


Potpourri: What is AHA smoking? Will flu shots keep you healthy? Why do some oppose comparative effectiveness research?


More on publication bias and conflict of interest