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  • Feb 19 2015

    Patient’s blog perpsective on proposed name change for chronic fatigue syndrome

    Journalist Miriam Tucker wrote on Twitter this week:  “Patient reaction to the chronic fatigue syndrome name change has been mixed.”  And then she linked to a blog post by Tina Tidmore, who describes herself as a newspaper editor and publisher until 2009 when her health deteriorated and she changed to a freelance communications career.  Now, [...]

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  • Jun 26 2014

    Readers react to mouse fitness study on NY Times “Well” blog – and I agree

    Earlier this week I praised one New York Times blog piece. But I have a quite different reaction to another I just read. The Times’ “Well” blog published a piece, “For Fitness, Push Yourself.“  It was about tips for you. The column fits in among other recent personal health postings on the blog on: heart [...]

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  • Sep 11 2013

    “Uselessness of doctor ratings”

    Patient advocate Trisha Torrey writes, “Tragic Reminders of the Uselessness of Doctor Ratings.” She cites two examples in the news of physicians – one admitting guilt in performing fake surgeries, one cited for malpractice, poor care, bad subscribing practices – yet both got high marks on Healthgrades, Vitals, and RateMDs ratings services. She concludes: So [...]

  • Aug 2 2013

    Back to school anti-vaccination woo

    We’re already seeing back-to-school shopping specials – even though it’s just the second day of August. And we’re already seeing some anti-vaccination campaigns getting in full gear as well, reflecting on regulations requiring parents to have kids’ vaccinations up to date prior to the start of school. In a piece labeled, “Doctors Debate Need for [...]

  • Jul 31 2013

    “Life and Death in Assisted Living”

    The PBS Frontline/ProPublica program, “Life and Death in Assisted Living,” left me numb, angry, and worried. As the son of parents whom we moved into an “assisted living” facility a year ago, my eyes have been opened to what you don’t get for your investment. This program makes clear: These are not health care facilities. [...]

  • Dec 17 2012

    Pediatricians’ statement on thimerosal in vaccines

    Guest blogger Harold DeMonaco submitted this column: “They are DANGEROUS when they get together and do a little thinking!” That’s a quote from an anonymous posting in response to a MedPage Today story on today’s American Academy of Pediatrics endorsement of a Recommendation of WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization to allow [...]

  • Jun 1 2012

    Consumer Reports: “Health care prices are all over the map”

    A new article in Consumer Reports begins: If gas stations worked like health care, you wouldn’t find out until the pump switched off whether you paid $3 or $30 a gallon. If clothes shopping worked like health care, you might pay $80 for a pair of jeans at your local boutique and $400 for the [...]

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  • Mar 14 2012

    A doctor writes about “death panels”

    Dr. Kenny Lin writes on his Common Sense Family Doctor blog about “The reality behind ‘death panel’ rhetoric.” It’s based on an “On Being a Doctor” column in the Annals of Internal Medicine. It’s an important perspective.  Please read.

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  • Jan 11 2012

    Health policy fear-mongering fraud on radio call-in show – how often does this occur on American airwaves?

    In more than 7 years of blogging about health care messages affecting the public dialogue, I don’t think I’ve ever written before about radio call-in programs.  But this one hit pretty close to home. Nothing makes me more upset than people fear-mongering and lying about health care to suit their own interests. I don’t listen [...]

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  • Nov 1 2011

    Cancer expert asks “Are we as a society prepared to pay attention to scientific evidence?”

    It’s ironic that this now makes three consecutive entries on this blog that all relate to public misconceptions or misunderstanding of how science works. • Yesterday I blogged about a science writer’s lament about how reader comments sometimes display an inability to accept evidence. • Earlier today I posted a humorous piece from The Daily [...]

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