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  • Jul 26 2010

    Stem cells scams “preying on desperate people”

    Important piece by NPR’s Richard Knox, “Offshore Stem Cell Clinics Sell Hope, Not Science.” Read by following the link, or listen:

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  • Jun 23 2010

    Wisdom of the crowds: news consumers tired of misinterpreted observational studies

    People are not dumb. Even if – or maybe especially if – news stories don’t point out the limitations of observational studies and the fact that they can’t establish cause-and-effect, many readers seem to get it. Here are some of the online user comments in response to a story that is headlined, “Coffee may [...]

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  • Jun 22 2010

    Study: did media shed light or heat on health care reform debate?

    The Project for Excellence in Journalism has published an analysis of news covergae of the health care reform debate from June 2009 through March 2010. If you care about such stuff as much as we do, you should read the full report. But here’s a key excerpt from their conclusion: “No one lavished more attention [...]

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  • Jun 11 2010

    e-patient Dave tells patients and docs to wise up on evidence

    E-patient Dave (Dave deBronkart, diagnosed two years ago with stage 4 kidney cancer), blogs today under the headline, “e-Patients and doctors both, wise up. If you haven’t already.” If you don’t know about Dave, you should. He’s one of the hottest speakers at health care meetings these days. He begins today’s blog: “I’ve only been [...]

  • Feb 13 2010

    Serving Size Silliness

    Who eats just six chips? That’s one of the questions William Neuman asks in a video on the New York Times website, “Serving Size Sleight of Hand.” He also explores how these serving sizes ever came to be set as they have been – finding that the answer goes back to consumer surveys of 30-40 [...]

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  • Jan 12 2010

    WSJ follows the mammogram money & lobbying

    Alicia Mundy of the Wall Street Journal reports: “The final health-care bill is likely to require coverage for more mammograms than the new guidelines recommend after women’s groups, doctors and imaging-equipment makers stepped up pressure on lawmakers — one of many threads of the bill negotiated behind the scenes.”

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  • Dec 17 2009

    CBS Early Show’s confusing breast screening info

    Someone suggested that we comment on a CBS segment from two weeks ago. We reviewed it and found it to be the most confusing jumbling of breast cancer screening information we’ve seen from a major news organization. The anchor began by saying, “Now it seems like we’re getting new recommendations every week and it’s confusing.” [...]

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  • Dec 16 2009

    Bioethicist worries about “crying wolf” over H1N1

    On, physician-bioethicist Jeffrey Hall Dobken suggests that “perhaps we can tone down the sky-is-falling just a bit” on H1N1. And he includes news coverage in his review of the “tension…reinforced by the endless health warnings.”

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  • Nov 25 2009

    Another Washington Post column that misleads readers on mammography

    I would ignore this except that it’s in the Washington Post and despite the fact that they’re closing bureaus in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, what’s in what remains of the paper is still influential. So I feel compelled to address Dana Milbank’s column in the Post about the US Preventive Services Task Force [...]

  • Nov 24 2009

    Women over-estimate breast cancer risk

    The disconnect between the facts and women’s beliefs about breast cancer was shown again in a USA Today story. Excerpts: “A vast majority of American women plan to ignore controversial new recommendations about mammograms, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll shows. The poll also shows that most women sharply overestimate their risk of developing the disease. … [...]