Category: disease awareness campaigns

7 5/5/2015

Questions about ‘80% by 2018′ campaign to boost colorectal cancer screening

2 10/31/2014

Radiologists’ free mammography infographic leaves out vital info


Colons want a piece of the action of Pinktober, too

1 10/6/2014

Do we need an “Awareness” Awareness Month? Or more giant testicles pushed cross-country?

6 10/3/2014

Breast Cancer Action says Stop the Distraction – others call for a different awareness focus


More conflicted, imbalanced prostate information from FOX News


USA Today story shows lack of awareness of debate over pre-diabetes classification


Questions about the ice bucket challenge

4 4/4/2014

“Check ’em Tuesday” and CoppaFeel campaign strong on promotion, weak on evidence


Dueling diseases…competing cancer causes…my cancer is worse than your cancer