Category: Disease mongering

4 12/22/2015

Why does psychiatry so often get a free pass on standards of evidence?

1 8/21/2015

Roundup of flibanserin – ‘female Viagra’ – approval news; ‘game changer’ to some, ‘monumental bamboozlement’ for others

24 8/12/2015

Advocacy group spin may skew discussion on finasteride side effects

4 7/20/2015

Where is all the toxic kale coming from? An investigation of the “Vegetable Detective”

4 6/25/2015

Vyvanse – A life cycle drug? Or disease mongering?

4 6/17/2015

The dad bod: doughy ideal or dangerous health risk?

10 6/5/2015

Astroturfers rule the day: FDA’s flibanserin reviewers were “emotionally blackmailed” by a slick lobbying campaign

3 6/3/2015

Pink Viagra may be coming soon (but for teetotalers, only!)

3 5/22/2015

Following the health news stream from publication to news release to media coverage

4 5/19/2015

Resting bitch face: Disease-mongering plastic surgery news