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Waste & Harm in the Treatment of Mild Hypertension: overtreatment, industry influence


The allure of “Michelle Obama Arms” – Lifting the hype bar on upper arm lift surgery

8 4/4/2013

Drug marketing blamed for increase in ADHD diagnoses


Personal reflection on DSM V: “being human is itself fast becoming a condition”


A journal editor calls for quarantine of “groundbreaking studies about new treatments”


Selling Sickness: People Before Profits – Washington DC conference, Feb. 20-22


A few health care news gems from the past week that you may have missed

16 12/3/2012

Critic calls American Psychiatric Assoc. approval of DSM-V “a sad day for psychiatry”

6 11/29/2012

New poster child for disease-mongering? Do you have a pre-cold?

2 11/27/2012

Researchers examine web promotion of female genital cosmetic surgery