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  • Jul 12 2012

    Marketing and politicizing menopause

    The Associated Press reported this week on the marketing of a new line of menopause products – “a line of products that target 50 million American women who are or will soon go through menopause. Priced between $3.99 and $7.99, the line includes lubricant for vaginal dryness, panty freshener stickers and feminine wash for odor [...]

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  • Jun 14 2012

    3-part series on disease-mongering

    William Heisel, one of our ace story reviewers on, has published three pieces on disease-mongering on the Reporting on Health site. Does Baldness Really Need a Cure?  Steer Clear of Disease-Mongering Quicksand Avoid Extremes to Avoid Disease Mongering

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  • Jun 6 2012

    Lessons from Moneyball: don’t swing at every health care pitch

    Ivan Oransky, executive editor of Reuters Health, delivered a clever TEDMED 2012 talk on pre-disease states.  He’s blogged a bit about it, and TEDMED just posted a video of the talk on YouTube.

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  • Jun 5 2012

    Disease mongering of low testosterone – two journal articles

    Two articles in the current Medical Journal of Australia point to disease-mongering of low testosterone. David Handelsman, PhD, of the University of Sydney, reports that there has been at least a twofold increase in total expenditure on testosterone prescriptions in Australia over two decades. Barbara Mintzes, PhD, of the University of British Columbia, and Agnes [...]

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  • Jun 1 2012

    BMJ feature – Preventing Overdiagnosis: how to stop harming the healthy

    “Preventing overdiagnosis: how to stop harming the healthy,” is a feature in this week’s BMJ by Ray Moynihan, Jenny Doust and David Henry. I won’t try to recapture the entire piece in this blog because you should read it yourself. But here are section headings: Screening detected overdiagnosis Increasingly sensitive tests Incidentalomas Excessively widened definitions [...]

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  • Mar 12 2012

    Online “Daily Deal” coupon for preventive MRI scan – disease-mongering du jour

    Some of the Groupon, Living Social, Daily Deal offerings are getting a little crazy. Here’s one I got today. The ad copy is astounding: Been dealing with a minor ache or pain? Get it checked out today! Once in a while, you may experience an enlightening moment in your life. This experience may change the [...]

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  • Mar 7 2012

    Psychiatrist: grief deserves dignity, not its own diagnosis as a disease

    One of the most frequent critics of the revision of psychiatry’s “bible,” the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (or DSM, now going on DSM-V), is Allen Frances, M.D., who chaired the DSM-IV Task Force and is currently professor emeritus at Duke.  He writes on a “DSM-5 in Distress” blog on the Psychology Today website. In his [...]

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  • Jan 19 2012

    The Naked Doctor: profiling overdiagnosis and overtreatment

    We’ve long been admirers of the Croakey blog, run by Melissa Sweet in Australia. Now Croakey has a new project called The Naked Doctor. The site says: Naked Doctor aims to encourage discussion and awareness of the opportunities to do more for health by doing less. It is a compilation of articles, books and other [...]

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  • Dec 23 2011

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas…and drug marketing’s in high gear

    …And all through the town not a creature was stirring except for some struggling to stay awake throughout the night shift…. So reads a newspaper ad for a federally-controlled substance in prescription drug form that is marketed for ES caused by SWD or OSA. Don’t know what that means? Come on.  Where have you been? [...]

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  • Oct 14 2011

    MSNBC disease-mongering of “runner’s face”

    MSNBC commits an egregious example of disease-mongering in a piece they headlined: “Plastic surgeon wants to fix your ‘runner’s face’. “ What is so egregious? Let us count the ways: • They pass along a plastic surgeon’s news release about his treatment for a condition he calls “runner’s face”. • So it is a promotion [...]