Category: Drug industry

4 5/21/2015

Responding to parts 2-3 of New England Journal of Medicine’s series on pharma-MD relations

6 5/14/2015

Criticism of NEJM’s defense of industry-physician relations

8 3/24/2015

Some journalists fire another “silver bullet” at Alzheimer’s amyloid target

5 3/17/2015

The headline I wish I’d seen about the new PCSK9 cholesterol drugs

2 2/23/2015

Stealth Research & “may they know the exact content of their stools”

1 2/5/2015

Lots of reporting & CDC criticism in BMJ piece on antiviral drug Tamiflu

1 2/4/2015

Why not discuss cost in news of new breast cancer drug approval?


Pharma payments to network TV physician-journalists – Columbia Journalism Review

2 12/22/2014

Monday health news roundup: mostly gems, one dud

5 9/22/2014

Pharmaceutical companies are like drug cartels – Gøtzsche on The Daily Show