Category: Drug industry

2 2/23/2015

Stealth Research & “may they know the exact content of their stools”

1 2/5/2015

Lots of reporting & CDC criticism in BMJ piece on antiviral drug Tamiflu

1 2/4/2015

Why not discuss cost in news of new breast cancer drug approval?


Pharma payments to network TV physician-journalists – Columbia Journalism Review

2 12/22/2014

Monday health news roundup: mostly gems, one dud

5 9/22/2014

Pharmaceutical companies are like drug cartels – Gøtzsche on The Daily Show


What the public doesn’t see about pharma trying to buy influence


Questioning some of the ways in which new drug treatments are reported to the public


Bohemian Polypharmacy – latest in clever YouTube video series


Journalism via news release as Pfizer gets free publicity without releasing any data