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8 1/25/2013

Ghostwriting part 3: psych drug Paxil – and conclusion


Ghostwriting series part 2: Medtronic’s InFuse spinal fusion surgery product


Yale’s Harlan Krumholz: 5 Things You Should Know On The Myth Of Tamiflu

2 12/14/2012

New word of the week: 23andMe aims to valorize your spit

11/20/2012 — A Megaphone For Patients and Their Doctors


Up the nose…in the armpit…what else can you do with testosterone?

4 11/14/2012

“Softening the beaches before amphibious assault with a new drug”


More Pfizer Pfun


BMJ pushes Roche for raw data on Tamiflu trials

6 7/17/2012

Pill progress: what are the odds a drug makes it to market?