Category: Evaluating the quality of evidence

1 8/26/2015

Randomized trials are no panacea for what ails nutrition research

2 7/31/2015

NPR’s On the Media with a skeptic’s guide to health news/diet fads


Tips for understanding studies

2 7/28/2015

The problem with health stories based on animal research


The BMJ’s head-to-head debate on homeopathy

1 6/11/2015

Proton beam therapy claims refuted by urologists on Twitter

1 6/10/2015

A flawed news release, and the resulting coverage, of a study on breastfeeding and leukemia


Problems behind chocolate study “fooling millions” run much deeper than just a prank/spoof/sting


Troubled Trifecta: Clearing up recent media misinformation on health/medicine/science

1 4/23/2015

Schwitzer/Oransky workshop: “How to accurately report on medical research findings.”