Category: Evaluating the quality of evidence

1 1/20/2016

Fear-mongering of smart phones based on stressed-out rats is just silly

2 1/6/2016

How the sausage inside a nutrition study is made

1 12/30/2015

Bioethicist LOL over “science” shenanigans in 2015

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Why does psychiatry so often get a free pass on standards of evidence?


Podcast: Jennifer Miller, PhD & the Good Pharma Scorecard

2 12/17/2015

Some news from major breast cancer meeting needed more context


Podcast: Brian Nosek, Center for Open Science

2 12/7/2015

Podcast: John Ioannidis – “scourge of sloppy science”

8 12/5/2015

The Cochrane Collaboration might be “Medicine’s Best Kept Secret” (but it shouldn’t be for journalists)

16 11/18/2015

Joe Nocera’s contentious e-cigarette crusade