Category: Evaluating the quality of evidence

8 3/2/2015

Heartburn Hell on the NBC Today Show: omitting things consumers might want to know about a $14K device

6 2/27/2015

A simple test proven to predict how long you’ll live? Gannett gaffe


Of Mice and Women: News Release Dupes Media on Rodent Fertility Treatment

1 2/19/2015

Dr. Manny, The Medicine Hunter, and a wild, psychoactive trip on network TV


British website gets “sassy” on Twitter about flawed health care journalism

1 2/13/2015

Who funded the research? It’s always an important question.


Criticism of Toronto Star story on HPV vaccine Gardasil’s “dark side”

2 2/10/2015

CDC, conflicting (conflicted?) info, Tamiflu & unquestioning news reporting


Endometrial cancer joins the “coffee club” in which association ≠ causation

1 2/5/2015

Lots of reporting & CDC criticism in BMJ piece on antiviral drug Tamiflu