Category: Evidence-based medicine

1 5/21/2013

IMRT for prostate cancer: newer, costlier radiation no better than old


News story shines light on hospitals promoting questionable screenings


BMJ blogger: new cars for orthopedic surgeons and petomania still not an Olympic sport

2 5/9/2013

More questions about expanded uses of robotic surgery: gallbladder and bladder cancer operations


Calling for cocktail of open-mindedness and skepticism in UK news about antibiotics for back pain

2 4/25/2013

Two noteworthy breast cancer stories: “The Feel-Good War” and guidelines didn’t change practice

2 3/7/2013

American College of Cardiology news release plugs, expresses “serious concerns” about study to be discussed at upcoming meeting


Two new books by physicians to put on your reading list


Sound Medicine radio program profiles work of


Yale’s Harlan Krumholz: 5 Things You Should Know On The Myth Of Tamiflu