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  • Dec 8 2009

    Star Tribune gives one-sided view of FDA medical device approval process

    The Minneapolis Star Tribune had a good idea in writing about possible changes in the FDA’s medical device approval process. I first blogged about this 3 months ago with a focus on the agency’s 510K process – established 30 years ago as a way to allow the manufacturers of some medical devices to get a [...]

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  • Oct 30 2009

    Something doesn’t feel right about FDA – WebMD partnership

    In the circles I run in, there’s been a buzz about an announcement first made last December about a “partnership” between the FDA and WebMD. Yesterday the two entities announced an expansion of that partnership “to provide increased access to FDA’s consumer health information.” I can appreciate the FDA’s interest in reaching the public more [...]

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  • Mar 6 2009

    Terrific WSJ story on FDA device approval

    Front page. More than 2,000 words. The kind of story Americans need to understand. We’re fortunate to have the WSJ on days like this with stories like this. – “FDA Backs Knee Device After Long Lobby Effort.”

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  • Nov 14 2008

    Saga of the heart sock continues

    I’ve been tracking news coverage of a Minnesota company’s heart “sock” device for heart failure for four years. Four years ago, I questioned Star Tribune coverage. Two years ago, questions of evidence started to surface. Today the Star Tribune reports: “The high-profile consumer advocacy group Public Citizen expressed “deep concern” this week about whether the [...]

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  • Mar 22 2007

    Lots of drug-related conflict of interest news this week

    Gardiner Harris of the New York Times is all over issues about drug company influence on doctors and on the FDA this week. Today he writes: Expert advisers to the government who receive money from a drug or device maker would be barred for the first time from voting on whether to approve that company’s [...]

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  • Mar 12 2007

    Erythropoietin bad news hidden late on Friday?

    Merrill Goozner suggests that the FDA announcement late last Friday afternoon, issuing an official warning against giving cancer patients erythropoietin drugs (Epogen, Procrit, Aranesp) for anemia, was timed to minimize bad news or embarrassment. Goozner writes: “What struck me most about yesterday’s announcement was its timing. It has long been a hallmark of White House [...]

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