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A new class of drugs – not exactly safe but dangerous enough to deny access

2 7/29/2010

WSJ: Senator Slams FDA Advisory Committee's Avastin Decision

2 6/27/2010

Weekend catchup: Consumer caveats on orthopedic devices; TV drug ads; George Carlin's 7 words; Michigan bans corporate CME


The huge mosaic of medical marketing muck inundating American consumers every day


Anti-climax: flibanserin flops before FDA

8 6/17/2010

Why don't more journalists question the 40% female sexual dysfunction estimate?

12 6/14/2010

FDA, flibanserin & female sexual dysfunction


Practicing medicine in the dark

2 2/4/2010

Forbes' Terrific "Ten Misleading Drug Ads" slideshow


CBS tells a touching medical story. Unfortunately it was woefully incomplete.