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2 4/18/2013

British newspaper The Independent must have confused the hell out of its readers


CNN calls camel milk a “cure…world’s next superfood”


Journalists reporting on themselves in health care stories: is this narcissism?

2 12/13/2012

Other views on the NYT op-ed, “The 2,000 Year-Old Wonder Drug”


Terrific NYT interactive news coverage of first presidential debate of 2012


Aftermath of CNN/Fox debacle on Supreme Court: No reason to rush; many reasons to lose trust


Forbes column on fear-mongering of dirty hotel rooms

2 4/6/2012

The challenges of science journalism in the “big data” age


A role model for Public Information Officers: best wishes, Earle Holland

4 2/14/2012

Why elevate Adele’s surgeon to “miracle” status?