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  • Feb 7 2013

    David Healy’s depressing reflection on 25th anniversary of Prozac & SSRIs for depression

    Psychiatrist-author David Healy blogs about “Prozac and SSRIs:  Twenty-fifth Anniversary.” In his post, he touches on: the phenomenal explosion in the use of antidepressants suicides triggered by antidepressant use birth defects and miscarriages from antidepressants used in pregnancy “the dead doctor sketch” – what antidepressant prescribing has done to the practice of medicine and to [...]

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  • Jan 25 2013

    Ghostwriting part 3: psych drug Paxil – and conclusion

    The GlaxoSmithKline psychiatric drug Paxil is the topic of the third and final part of a series of unsolicited guest blog submissions by Jonathan Leo, PhD, and Jeffrey Lacasse, PhD. ——————————— Paxil, GlaxoSmithKline, and the University of Pennsylvania In June of 2012 charges of ghostwriting were made by a University of Pennsylvania Professor over a [...]

  • Jan 24 2013

    Ghostwriting series part 2: Medtronic’s InFuse spinal fusion surgery product

    In the second part of their 3-part guest blog series on ghostwriting of medical papers, researchers Jonathan Leo, PhD, and Jeffrey Lacasse, PhD address “Medtronics, InFuse and the University of Wisconsin.” —————————————– InFuse, manufactured by Medtronic and approved by the FDA in 2002, is used for promoting the growth of bone graft material during surgery.  [...]

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  • Jan 23 2013

    Introducing a three-part series on medical journal ghostwriting

    Today we publish part one of a three-part guest blog series that came to us in an unsolicited submission.  But because we’ve followed the two authors’ work, we are pleased to accept and pass along their thoughts.  Here is the first of the series by Jonathan Leo, PhD, and Jeffrey Lacasse, Ph.D. Part One: When Should [...]

  • Dec 22 2011

    Pharma Ghosts Haunt New Hormone Research

    The following is a guest post by William Heisel, one of our story reviewers, and publisher of his own excellent blog, Antidote: Investigating Untold Health Stories. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————– Italian researchers this week published a small study indicating that a type of hormone could help improve the sex lives of women going through menopause. Stories about [...]

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  • Dec 6 2011

    Guest post: Bring Health Writers Out of the Ghostwriting Shadows

    William Heisel, who is one of story reviewers on, also blogs on the Reporting on Health website of the California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships program at USC Annenberg.  He wrote the following post on that blog, and today, that blog and ours has begun to share content – cross-posting occasionally.   Thanks to Michelle Levander [...]

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