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  • Jul 2 2010

    Cardiobrief blog questions American Journal of Cardiology

    Blogger Larry Husten asks, “Why was an Abbott marketing study published in the American Journal of Cardiology?” It’s a great example of some of the fine journalism done by some blogging health journalists.

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  • Dec 16 2009

    Bioethicist worries about “crying wolf” over H1N1

    On, physician-bioethicist Jeffrey Hall Dobken suggests that “perhaps we can tone down the sky-is-falling just a bit” on H1N1. And he includes news coverage in his review of the “tension…reinforced by the endless health warnings.”

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  • Oct 20 2009

    CBS proclaims miraculous results from lifesaving drug – but provides no evidence

    CBS News last night proclaimed the drug peramavir as a “lifesaving drug” for serious cases of H1N1 infection. Lines from the story: • “Experts caution its too early to see Peramivir as a miracle drug, but there’s no doubting the drugs connection to some miraculous results.” • “Human clinical trials in the U.S. and Japan [...]

  • Sep 23 2009

    Are we going to have to listen to the saga of EVERY reporter who gets the flu?

    CBS’ Harry Smith. CNN’s Sanjay Gupta. Some UK reporter. Hasn’t anyone from The Onion been stricken yet? Stay tuned for next week’s episode: “The cure for journalistic narcissism.”

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  • Aug 19 2009

    CBS story on Guillain Barre Syndrome was a confusing jumble

    As our review on said… The story noted that people should make vaccination decisions with good information. Unfortunately it didn’t provide much. A confusing jumble lacking appropriate context.

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  • May 28 2009

    H1N1 news around the world

    Interesting look at international coverage of the H1N1 flu story in a new analysis by the Project for Excellence in Journalism. They studied 12 days of front-page newspaper coverage in seven countries around the world. Key points from their summary: • The three major U.S. papers studied offered some of the broadest coverage of the [...]

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