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Stop blaming “demanding patients” for driving up health care costs

1 2/4/2015

Why not discuss cost in news of new breast cancer drug approval?

1 1/27/2015

Knee/hip surgery cost variability news would help more if it provided a link to the Blue Cross Blue Shield report

3 1/20/2015

“Potential biomarker that could predict”? – caveats about psychiatric brain imaging & blogging about it


“Health care consumers in the dark” – no kidding


Weekending confusion: Playing the “Price is Right” with MRI….and CNN flunks geography

2 8/5/2014

The cost of cowboy doctors…debate over diet drugs…gems in JAMA Internal Medicine


Robotic roundup: Useful? Or little clinical value?…”robotic invasion”…outpaces evidence

4 7/11/2014

One physician’s story: An Egregious Example of Ordering Unnecessary Tests


Newspaper cheerleading for local medical device company on page 1