Category: Health care costs

6 11/5/2012

Proton Beam Therapy: evaluating claims in ASTRO papers of “excellent” quality of life data

2 10/25/2012

Two more “more is not always better” reminders

2 10/24/2012

Best health care in the world? Certainly the costliest.

6 6/1/2012

Consumer Reports: “Health care prices are all over the map”

4 5/24/2012

Roundup of interesting health policy news stories this week

2 4/17/2012

Incidental Economist blasts Health Affairs cancer care costs paper but praises journalist


More workplace wellness plans dangle financial rewards/penalties tied to test results


Online “Daily Deal” coupon for preventive MRI scan – disease-mongering du jour


Patient POV on waste, quality of care, imaging issues


Comparing health care costs in US and 8 other countries