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Chicago Tribune repost of news release sets new low for churnalism

2 9/29/2015

The Twitter health news hype machine

12 9/22/2015

More BMJ overstatement about an observational study — this time it’s antidepressants and violent crime

2 9/18/2015

Another potentially troubling “partnership” between a news org & Mayo Clinic


Where does the hype come from? A news release/news story comparison

6 9/11/2015

NIH, news media, need to slow down on the SPRINT hype

6 9/10/2015

Half of Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes? Really? What does that mean?

1 9/1/2015

Psychology’s reproducibility problem is journalism’s problem, too

3 8/20/2015

Journalists as tour guides at the institutions they cover: a troubling NY Times precedent for the future of health news


Independent sources take a vacation from Times coverage