Category: Health care journalism


Unsupportable ‘cat therapy’ stories score high on cuteness but low on quality, even though many of us probably don’t care….(and have never heard of the word zoonoses)


Schwitzer/Oransky workshop: “How to accurately report on medical research findings.”


CBS uses shameless clickbait with “Too Much of This Will Kill You”

3 4/16/2015’s 9th anniversary – that almost didn’t happen


News releases can lead media like sheep – hiding key problems

2 4/10/2015

Some news goes overboard on overweight protecting against dementia

1 4/9/2015

Mixed news media messages on “shorter stature may pose higher heart disease risk”


BBC takedown of exaggerated jogging study gives a second helping of bad advice


JACC cites our work in calling for journalists & researchers to share responsibility in protecting the public

8 3/30/2015

More than half of 60 Minutes devoted to “Killing Cancer” but still no independent perspective