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  • Mar 2 2015

    Heartburn Hell on the NBC Today Show: omitting things consumers might want to know about a $14K device

    The following is a guest blog post from one of our contributors, veteran health care journalist Trudy Lieberman. Trudy keeps an eye out for the way in which health care topics are promoted to the public, and this is one of the latest to catch her eye. ———————– Imagine a world where no one would suffer [...]

  • Feb 27 2015

    A simple test proven to predict how long you’ll live? Gannett gaffe

    A veteran health care journalist sent me the following story and wrote, “So irresponsible, bad enough on local (TV) news, but it ends up on USA Today? I hope you can skewer it.” “How long will you live? Try the Sitting Rising Test,” was the headline on USA Today’s website as they posted a TV [...]

  • Feb 27 2015

    MS joins the coffee club, in which association ≠ causation

    Yes, another new member for the coffee club.  Nary a week goes by without a new observational study about the benefits or risks of coffee consumption.  And almost always, many news organizations fail to explain the limitations of the observational studies. Today’s example, though, gives us one of the better cross-media comparisons of people who [...]

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  • Feb 25 2015

    Why we look for independent perspectives in health/medicine/science news stories

    Fox News this week provides us several prime examples of why we look for independent perspectives with no conflicts of interest in news stories about health care. One story on their website this week is headlined, “3D bioprinting offers minimally invasive surgery options.” While there are several people quoted in the story, all of them [...]

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  • Feb 23 2015

    Stealth Research & “may they know the exact content of their stools”

    Thanks to Dr. Richard Lehman for my morning chuckle and for providing a link to a serious concern. Lehman, in his weekly journal review blog for The BMJ, writes: “I once sat through a presentation by a Dutch medical entrepreneur in which we were shown the continuous monitoring environment of the future, in which every [...]

  • Feb 20 2015

    NBC Nightly News: News program? Or “Doc In The Box” on-air advice segment?

    I was tempted to let this observation fly by unaddressed because I don’t want it to appear as if I’m picking on NBC and its new medical contributor, Dr. Natalie Azar. But there’s a pattern unraveling on the air that, in my opinion, must be addressed and changed. Last night, on the NBC Nightly News, [...]

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  • Feb 20 2015

    CBS promotes “essential/critical” screening tests but never mentions over-diagnosis

    The following is a guest blog post by Alan Cassels, a pharmaceutical policy researcher at the University of Victoria and the author of Seeking Sickness: Medical Screening and the Misguided Hunt for Disease (Greystone, 2012). The opinions are his; you are welcome to your own. —————————- While the Beatles might have famously sang that “All you [...]

  • Feb 19 2015

    Dr. Manny, The Medicine Hunter, and a wild, psychoactive trip on network TV

    We could subtitle this:  Ayahuasca And The Anaconda. For about 8 minutes on Fox News the other day, Dr. Manny Alvarez, the network’s Senior Managing Editor for Health News, turned over the tube to Chris Kilham, the self-proclaimed Medicine Hunter, to promote his new book and to share 8 minutes of data-free psychedelic drug hype. If my [...]

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  • Feb 17 2015

    Sensational language – scary & fawning – in USNWR story on Cologuard colon cancer test

    Earlier this month, US News & World Report published a story, “Meet Cologuard: The Colon Cancer Test You Can Take At Home.” It profiles a man who had what is described as a “gruesome” experience from a colonoscopy 35 years ago – so bad “that he vowed never to have another screening test for colorectal [...]

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  • Feb 16 2015

    A new MD-journalist asks, “Is there a role for the physician-journalist?”

    Last week I wrote that NBC News medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar was placed into a conflict of interest situation when asked to comment on the air about a story concerning Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also called ME/CFS with a new proposal to call it Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease). Dr. Azar delivered her comments after being [...]