Category: Health care journalism

5 7/8/2015

Charges that CNN made false claims about Dr. Sanjay Gupta in Nepal

5 7/2/2015

Shut up and sip your coffee – says Slate


Friday gems – in case you missed them

3 6/23/2015

Skinny jeans & nerve damage case studies have haunted me throughout my career


Calling avocado a miracle food wasn’t enough; now a cancer buster?

4 6/19/2015

Coverage of FDA’s trans fat decision a high-water mark for health journalism

10 6/18/2015

Questions about Mayo Clinic deal with Minneapolis TV station

4 6/17/2015

The dad bod: doughy ideal or dangerous health risk?

4 6/12/2015

CDC, Sandman, and finding an “honest” appraisal of e-cigarettes


Five-star Friday – backs, brains, bedtime & more