Category: Health care journalism

1 12/28/2015

Year-end podcast reflecting on’s best year – approaching 10th anniversary

4 12/22/2015

Why does psychiatry so often get a free pass on standards of evidence?

4 12/18/2015

Ovarian cancer screening: shop for the story emphasis of your choice


5-Star Friday: Smarter PSA testing, science’s Lake Wobegon effect, lifesaving coffee, and more

2 12/17/2015

Some news from major breast cancer meeting needed more context

1 12/15/2015

Birds, hares, and tortoises: What do they have to do with the recent news on cancer screening?

14 12/10/2015

What the media got wrong about Jimmy Carter’s cancer “cure”

4 12/9/2015

Is it ok for journalists to attend Bayer-funded training on new cancer treatments?

2 12/8/2015

Flying under journalists’ radars: brain-enhancing supplements dubbed ‘nootropics’

8 12/5/2015

The Cochrane Collaboration might be “Medicine’s Best Kept Secret” (but it shouldn’t be for journalists)