Category: Health care journalism

1 2/22/2016

John Fauber profile – 2nd in occasional podcast series on standouts in health care journalism

5 2/17/2016

AAAS stories hype immunotherapy, cancer saliva test

15 2/16/2016

Our psychiatrist-reviewer analyzes news about proton pump inhibitors & dementia risk


Chocolate prevents preeclampsia? How a medical society’s poor PR helped drive this misleading message

2 2/5/2016

Can we cure our insatiable need for medical miracles?


Dump the diabetes cure talk – after a dozen patients in an early-stage trial


Fiber and breast cancer risk: holes in Harvard news release set stage for misleading news coverage

4 2/3/2016

Missing in action: Did US journalists miss a huge opportunity to critically examine mental health screening?

2 2/2/2016

Sunshine or more stonewalling? Maryland’s latest chocolate milk disclosures dodge the difficult questions


Half-baked coverage of potatoes and gestational diabetes