Category: Health care journalism

1 4/29/2015

Reuters wins Wall of Shame award of the day for single source health news story


Troubled Trifecta: Clearing up recent media misinformation on health/medicine/science


Unsupportable ‘cat therapy’ stories score high on cuteness but low on quality, even though many of us probably don’t care….(and have never heard of the word zoonoses)

1 4/23/2015

Schwitzer/Oransky workshop: “How to accurately report on medical research findings.”


CBS uses shameless clickbait with “Too Much of This Will Kill You”

3 4/16/2015’s 9th anniversary – that almost didn’t happen


News releases can lead media like sheep – hiding key problems

2 4/10/2015

Some news goes overboard on overweight protecting against dementia

1 4/9/2015

Mixed news media messages on “shorter stature may pose higher heart disease risk”


BBC takedown of exaggerated jogging study gives a second helping of bad advice