Category: Health care journalism

10 1/27/2016

The Opioid Crisis: Facts that news coverage is missing


Calling out BS on “Promoted stories”


Podcast: Christie Aschwanden – 1st in our series on standouts in health care journalism

1 1/25/2016

Top journal editors resist transparency

7 1/22/2016

Predictable Pre-diabetes One-sidedness


Media case study: PR news release vs. news stories on mammography screenings for older women

1 1/20/2016

Fear-mongering of smart phones based on stressed-out rats is just silly


“Slow-chewing” study news release begs a mouthful of questions

2 1/13/2016

University of Maryland launches institutional review of chocolate milk study first flagged by

9 1/11/2016

Why won’t the University of Maryland talk about the chocolate milk/concussion study it was so eager to promote?