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Academic science journalism project unveils gaps in reporting research misconduct

16 2/11/2015

Brian Williams isn’t NBC’s only ethical problem; check medical news coverage issues


Criticism of Toronto Star story on HPV vaccine Gardasil’s “dark side”

2 2/10/2015

CDC, conflicting (conflicted?) info, Tamiflu & unquestioning news reporting


Endometrial cancer joins the “coffee club” in which association ? causation

2 2/5/2015

More Bow Tie, Less Glitz Please: Breast Cancer Vaccine Promises Don’t Serve Readers/Viewers

1 2/4/2015

Why not discuss cost in news of new breast cancer drug approval?


Two noteworthy breast cancer articles: women who turn down mammography…and questions about precision medicine

4 2/3/2015

It’s good to see others get in on the media watchdog work


Another egregious conflict of interest in Fox Health News