Category: Health care journalism

8 11/25/2015

Informed patients need one thing not provided in SPRINT trial news: what were the absolute benefit/harm numbers?

5 11/19/2015

Media ignore impact of unsafe medical devices — unless the company CEO is a celebrity billionaire like Elizabeth Holmes

16 11/18/2015

Joe Nocera’s contentious e-cigarette crusade


Five-Star Friday: A sweet story from TIME, plus Philadelphia Inquirer, NYT

2 11/9/2015

Do published SPRINT study results live up to premature NIH news release hype?

2 11/5/2015

Pointless CNN piece hypes the health effects of being left-handed

4 10/29/2015

Journalists love superlative terms for cancer drugs – often questionably


Trans-Pacific trade pact’s pharma provisions lack media scrutiny

10 10/27/2015

Why the media must play a bigger role in policing unsafe medical devices

2 10/26/2015

Monday montage of momentous health news coverage