Category: Health care journalism

1 6/10/2015

A flawed news release, and the resulting coverage, of a study on breastfeeding and leukemia

3 6/9/2015

Why did last week’s mammography study get so much news, but the DCIS study didn’t?


Weak reporting of limitations of observational research


Use of “cure” overwhelms any caveats coming later in WaPost Ebola story


Five-star Friday (& some that didn’t make the list)


Problems behind chocolate study “fooling millions” run much deeper than just a prank/spoof/sting

5/28/2015 has posted its 2,000th news story review

1 5/26/2015

Don’t tell cat lovers that Fluffy may increase their glaucoma risk

3 5/22/2015

Following the health news stream from publication to news release to media coverage

4 5/19/2015

Resting bitch face: Disease-mongering plastic surgery news